Sony and Sucker Punch Productions let loose a brand new gameplay video trailer for the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, inFamous: Second Son, courtesy of Gearnuke. The video is five minutes of pure gameplay that shows lead protagonist Delsin Rowe causing all sorts of destructive mayhem, while spouting off some uncouth witticism at the expense of his unfortunate, ill-prepared opposition.

Wielding the burning embers of a power not quite of flame origin, Delsin proceeds through the short segment dispensing of his antagonists with billows of forceful smoke like a volcanic fumarole ready to unleash a burning lake of fire.

A lot of the gameplay is fueled by rapid successions of hit-and-run tactics as Rowe seamlessly moves in and out, around and about like a fiery butterfly shifting with a zesty spring zephyr. The game definitely wants players to experiment with the mechanics, to dabble in the physics and to settle for nothing but original ways to break down your foes and find new ways to douse the enemy in Delsin's ever-growing abilities.

Now, the gameplay is smooth; the physics are clean; the powers and their visual effects look sleek. As usual, I still find a need to dispense my own form of criticism as to what I think is a potential problem with the game: the AI kind of sucks.

While inFamous: Second Son is still a ways off from release, the AI in the video above – and other brief snippets of gameplay that have been let loose since this year's E3 – give us a stark look at a rather unimposing group of villains. I understand their necessary presence as gatekeepers of peace, but all I see them do is stand, shoot and occasionally shuffle out of the way like crippled old men without their walking canes.

I was hoping we would have seen more dodging, more rolling and a bit more of a challenge, insofar that the AI is reacting and adjusting to the carnage as quickly as the player is creating it. There is for players, from the AI, little challenge to be met.

However, there is still hope. Sucker Punch may have more menacing and threatening foes hiding in the wings; an enemy waiting with the sort of vivacious enmity we should expect to confront in this eighth generation of gaming. An enemy that requires too much memory and processing from today's seventh generation of consoles.

We'll see whether or not Sucker Punch makes good on the promise of delivering a truly next-gen experience beyond smoke effects, solid frame rates and 1080p gaming. I guess we'll find out in the coming months if the AI issue gets worked over as the game heads into its spring release, exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

For more info feel free to visit the official website. Sony could use a hit like Second Son given how badly their other first-party titles have been so rudely ripped into by Doritocrats..

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