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PlayStation Plus Games For August Include Fez, Crysis 3

Sony has announced the new set of free games coming to PlayStation systems in August. Six free games will be available for gamers with a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Humble Indie Bundle 9 Includes Fez, Brutal Legend

The ninth Humble Indie Bundle is now on sale for PC, Mac and Linux. Humble Indie Bundle 9 gives you several games from independent developers for whatever price you want to pay.

Fez 2 Petition Showcases The Best And Worst Of Internet

Fez creator Phil Fish announced this weekend he was cancelling the puzzle-platformer's sequel and quitting development altogether due to the abuse he's taken over the Internet. Fans have launched a petition in an effort to bring him back to the gaming industry. As if to prove Fish's point, the petition has been attacked by trolls.

Fez 2 Canceled After Fish Throws Twitter Tantrum, Quits Game Development

I wasn't going to do a story on this because it doesn't deserve one... heck, Fez 2 doesn't deserve this but it's out of the hands of gamers. In the most simplest way possible... Fez 2 has been canceled after a Twitter meltdown by the developer, Phil Fish.

Fez Getting Patched For Xbox 360 Now That Patching Fees Are Gone

It was mentioned before that when Microsoft silently instituted the new policy for the Xbox 360 to have patch fees removed for indie devs that Phil Fish, the designer of Fez, would look into seeing if this was true. Well, turns out it's true enough and the designer has confirmed that Fez will finally receive the long awaited patch it needs to get fixed.

Fez 2 Announced With Horizon Teaser Trailer

Polytron Corporation is working on a sequel to puzzle-platformer Fez. They confirmed Fez 2's development with a simple teaser trailer entitled "Horizon."

Fez Launches On PC

The indie puzzle platformer Fez is no longer an Xbox 360 exclusive. Today, as promised, Polytron Corporation released the game through various digital retailers.

FEZ Celebrates First Birthday, 200K Sales On XBLA

Considering how long it took indie darling FEZ to make it to market, it's hard to believe that the game is actually celebrating its first birthday. That's 365 days of mind-bending maps to explore and crafty puzzles to untangle. And the game's been pretty successful, too, selling “200,000 units on XBLA alone.”

Fez PC Release Date Set For May

After making waves on the Xbox Live Arcade, Phil Fish's Fez will finally make the transition from consoles and pave the way from the second dimension and into the third dimension. Fez will officially unlock on supported digital distribution platforms beginning May 1st.

Fez Coming To Other Platforms

Puzzle-platformer Fez won't be an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive for much longer. Creator Phil Fish announced today that the game will be ported to other platforms in 2013. 2013 is going to be an interesting one, too. Fish didn't mention what platforms they're considering. The PC seems like a logical home for an indie game, though.

Fez Is Half Off Today

Look, we get it. You're taking something a risk when you decide to invest in an indie game (like Fez) made by a brand new developer (like Phil Fish). But despite all of the glowing praise Fez received following launch, You still couldn't bring yourself to part with that 800 MSP. Well, for today only, that price has been hacked down by 50 percent. Now Fez is only 400 MSP, meaning you've officially run out of excuses not to have this game in your digital library.

Indie Game: The Movie Available Now For Ten Bucks

Indie Game: the Movie, the film that took Sundance by storm, earned a perfect 100 on Rottentomatoes and wrangled the hearts of gamers and non-gamers alike, has finally been unleashed on the masses in the form of a digital download through its own site, Steam and iTunes.

Fez Gets PEGI Rating, Release Coming Soon

Fez, the throwback platforming title for the Xbox Live Arcade, has finally be rated by the PEGI, meaning that it will be released sooner rather than later. Well, at least everyone who wants to play the game believes that.

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