Fez 2 Announced With Horizon Teaser Trailer

Polytron Corporation is working on a sequel to puzzle-platformer Fez. They confirmed Fez 2's development with a simple teaser trailer entitled "Horizon."

In the trailer, a horizontal line slowly expands with flashes of light. Each time it expands, it adds new bands of color. Then a wireframe logo swoops in: Fez 2.

Fez stars Gomez, a 2D character who realizes that his world is actually three-dimensional. Screenshots look like a simple side-scroller, but there's a twist: the player can rotate the scene at any time. They have to exploit this mechanic in order to navigate the game's various obstacles and help Gomez collect pieces of the Hexahedron, a mystical artifact that will stop his world from being torn apart.

After a lengthy development (chronicled in a documentary), the game debuted on Xbox Live Arcade in Fall 2012. The strong sales spurred the release of a PC version.

Polytron confirmed on Twitter that Fez composer Disasterpeace will be supplying the music for the sequel. That's all they've said about the game thus far, though.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.