The indie puzzle platformer Fez is no longer an Xbox 360 exclusive. Today, as promised, Polytron Corporation released the game through various digital retailers.

Fez stars Gomez, a seemingly 2D creature living in a 2D world. However, one day he discovers that the world is actually 3D. He must explore this third dimension and find 32 cubes to save his world from breaking apart.

Screenshots make it look like a simple side-scroller. However, the player can rotate the world at will to traverse obstacles and solve puzzles. The launch trailer above should give you a good idea of how this mechanic works.

Fez debuted on Xbox Live Arcade a little over a year ago. In its first year, the game sold 200,000 copies. Designer Phil Fish promised in December to port the game to other platforms. Mac and Linux versions of Fez are currently in development but are undated at this time.

You can purchase Fez for $10 through GOG, Steam, or the Polytron website. Polytron will give you a DRM-free copy of the game as well as a Steam key.

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