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GameStop Is No Longer Selling The Company, Sending Stocks Plummeting

For years now there have been rumors that GameStop was going to sell the business, or that the company would eventually abandon the brick and mortar retail space in favor of digital distribution. These rumors never quite panned out, and we're back to that wheelhouse once more, with GameStop announcing that it won't be selling the company. Only this time, it came with a hefty cost.

GameStop Customer Trashes Store For Not Being Able To Return Fallout 76

An attempted video game return at GameStop turned violent recently as a guy who was denied a cash refund for an open copy of Fallout 76 decided to trash the business in retaliation.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Pre-Orders At GameStop Will Get An Awesome Disney Poster

Kingdom Hearts 3 will actually contain pre-order bonuses for those who decide to commit to a purchase well ahead of the game's launch, and GameStop in particular is offering up an awesome Disney poster for those of you who enjoy gathering up collectibles through pre-orders.

GameStop Is Getting A Sweet Hylian Shield Nintendo 2DS XL

GameStop announced that there's a brand new Nintendo 2DS XL system set to arrive on store shelves, exclusively at GameStop outlets spread across North America. The new system will have a specially designed Legend of Zelda livery based on one of the classic games.

GameStop's Brand New CEO Just Quit

It looks like GameStop's new chief executive officer, Michael Mauler, has decided to step down from his post. What makes this such a surprise is the fact that the company has been doing well lately, as well as the fact Mauler has only been in the role for a few months.

GameStop Suspends Used Game Rental Service Before It Even Launches

One of the upcoming services that was supposed to get underway at GameStop was a used game rental service where gamers could rent games for a set number of months and then keep the last game they rent without paying extra. Well, the service has been suspended before it even managed to officially launch.

GameStop Is Starting Up A Used Game Rental Service

It appears GameStop is starting up a used game rental service where gamers can pick and choose what games they want to play from the brick and mortar company's pre-owned game stash. This could mean that instead of paying money to own games you may not like, you can pay money to rent pre-owned games you may not like.

GameStop May Have Been Hacked, Get The Details

If you've shopped on GameStop's online store anytime in the past six months, you might want to keep a close eye on whatever payment method you used. According to a recent report, the store's security measures may have been compromised, resulting in credit card information being stolen.

GameStop's Sales Are Bad News For Some Employees

It looks like the holidays weren't too kind to GameStop, resulting in another dip in profits during what is typically the biggest sales period for video games: the holiday season. As a result, some employees will be getting some bad news.

Xbox Game Pass Was Bad News For One Company

Microsoft recently announced a new digital game service for the Xbox One called the Xbox Game Pass. It allows you to gain access to a catalog of games for only $10 a month. It's similar to the EA Access program. Following this news, though, one company's shares dropped drastically.

When GameStop Believes The PS4 Neo Will Be Revealed

At this point, pretty much everybody expects Sony to make some new PlayStation model announcements at its big meeting scheduled for next month. Games retailer GameStop has now chimed in on the matter during an earnings call, offering their prediction on the whole secretive console situation.

Why Pokemon Go Players Should Go To GameStop This Weekend

While the summer has proven to be GameStop's slower season in video games, Pokemon Go has given the store a reason to open its doors and welcome customers, and this weekend, GameStop wants you to go to your local store.

The Nintendo NX Won't Just Have Digital Games, According To GameStop

Rumors about the Nintendo NX have been running wild all over the place since it was first introduced to the gaming media a while back. One of the rumors was that the Nintendo NX would be a digital-only game console, but GameStop has put an end to that by stating that the console will have physical media.

There Could Be An Injustice 2 In The Works, According To Leak

Some leaks from GameStop appear to have put Injustice 2 on the roadmap, causing the game to trend on social media. What happened exactly? Well, GameStop mistakenly let a poster loose that ended up getting snapped by someone with a phone and shared to the gaming media.

Watch This 7-Year-Old Gamer Fight Against A Robber At Gamestop

The one thing most people probably don't think about when going into a GameStop is having to fend for their lives against armed robbers, almost taken right out of some of the action games they play. Well, that's exactly what happened with one seven-year-old who was attending a GameStop with his family.

Here's What GameStop Is Saying Will Be Announced At E3

GameStop held its latest earnings call on May 26 and, along with financial reports, stats and all of the usual jibba-jabba, the games retailer had a few predictions to share for the upcoming E3 trade sow.

New GameStop Publishing Company Adds Three More Dev Collaborations To Its Lineup

GameStop recently decided to take advantage of their close connection with the video game market and launched their very own publishing company called GameTrust. The first game to come out of the publishing company was announced as Insomniac Games’ Song Of The Deep, and now GameStop has added three more collaborations.

How You Can Get $200 For Your PS4 Or Xbox One At GameStop

GameStop has a notorious trade-in program for those who have tired of the games collecting dust on their shelves or those ready to trade in their last-gen system for a next-gen system. But now GameStop is happy to announce that there is a way to get more than the usual trade-in price for your PS4 or Xbox One.

The HTC Vive Will Be Offering Demos Only At Certain Retail Stores, Here's What We Know

Valve and HTC are serious about putting VR headsets in as many homes as possible. The pre-orders for the HTC Vive have been fairly strong and they've decided to increase the presence of the device by opening up kiosks at GameStop and Microsoft Stores across the nation, at select locations.

New Xbox One Bundle Deal Includes GTA And In Game Currency

Microsoft, Rockstar, GameStop and Best Buy have all collaborated on a bundled deal for the Xbox One that includes a practical steal on a ton of great games at a really cheap price, stuffed into a reasonably priced package for the Xbox One. What am I talking about? Well, at Best Buy and GameStop you can get several games and the Xbox One console and a Shark Card for only $349.99.

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