GameStop Customer Trashes Store For Not Being Able To Return Fallout 76

An attempted video game return at GameStop turned slightly violent recently as a guy who was denied a cash refund for an open copy of Fallout 76 decided to trash the business in retaliation.

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Facebook user Tarenthis Campbell happened to be at GameStop when a customer entered the store and attempted to return a copy of Fallout 76. As you can see from the short clip above, the customer was not super happy with the fact that he could not receive cash back for the return.

It's important to note that GameStop is upfront about its return policy and the guy behind the counter is very polite in his explanation, making it clear that they can only offer store credit, not a cash refund, if a game has been opened.

The first customer walks off camera as another customer walks into the store, which is precisely when we hear a loud commotion happening off to the right. The camera quickly pans over to witness the disgruntled customer trashing several store displays on his way out. The customer who just entered the store stands frozen, not quite sure what he just walked in on. When the violent customer leaves, the guy filming the ordeal flips the camera around to state his own shock concerning what just took place.

Obviously, this is a horrible way to behave regardless of whether or not the guy thought he was in the right for wanting his money back rather than store credit. Still, something has to be said for the GameStop employee who either has seen this type of thing too many times before or is just so hardcore he can't be phased. As the destruction comes to a close, you can hear the guy simply answer a ringing phone saying, "Thank you for calling GameStop, this is Brian, how can I help you?" as if absolutely nothing out of the ordinary has just taken place.

At first, I thought it was a bit odd that this person was filming this encounter before anything started to go down but, then again, people start filming anything and everything these days, so maybe he just sensed things were about to turn sour.

Given the lukewarm reception Fallout 76 has received in the first several days since launch, a lot of folks seem to be making jokes about how the game has driven players to react in extreme ways, such as in the video above. But that's super unfair to the game and the team that developed it. More importantly, even if a highly-anticipated game isn't creating the splash its community expected, absolutely zero blame should be pointed at the game for this kind of behavior.

Thankfully, it looks like a lot of folks in the comments agree. Some are talking about how people inexplicably expected a different game than what was being advertised with Fallout 76, while others point out that the return policy is printed on the back of the receipt.

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