The Real Wolf Of Wall Street Reacts To The GameStop Market Drama By Using A Scene From Leonardo DiCaprio’s Movie

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort in Wolf of Wall Street
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For the past week, GameStop stock has made major waves in the stock market since individual investors on Reddit noticed the video game retailer had been shorted by big money hedge funds, and thus saw a window of opportunity to make some extra cash. As a result, the stock trading and investing app Robinhood restricted users from purchasing more GameStop stock. The controversy has now caught the attention of the real man The Wolf of Wall Street is based on.

Jordan Belfort is the actual stock broker who Martin Scorsese based his Oscar-nominated film on, with Leonardo DiCaprio playing him in the movie. Following the now 58-year-old pleading guilty for manipulating investors, sentenced to 42 months in prison and ordered to pay back the $110 million he made off his victims, Belfort wrote the memoir that The Wolf of Wall Street is based on and became a motivational speaker.

In light of the events happening over on Wall Street with GameStop and Reddit investors, the real "Wolf" has decided to show support for the “masses” by recreating a famous scene from the 2013 film. Check it out:

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Jordan Belfort recreated the scene from The Wolf of Wall Street where Leonardo DiCaprio switches up his farewell speech to his investment firm Stratton Oakmont to a message claiming he’s “not fucking leaving.” But in the context of this video, he’s speaking directly to Robinhood and its decision to restrict investors. He called the app “hypocrites” and suggested that those challenging financial markets “hold the line.”

Jordan Belfort initially thought the GameStop stock market drama was a version of a “pump and dump” scheme, which the stock broker pleaded guilty for in 1999. After looking into the situation further, Belfort has shown his support for the “revolution” in association with Wall Street, calling the current controversy a paradigm shift that will bring about radical change.

It’s not everyday that we see the subject of a biopic actually use clips from the movie depicting his past, but there you have it. Jordan Belfort had something else to say in the video than what the movie itself was about, but it’s still quite interesting that he decided to imitate the essence of the moment. Check out part of the original scene here:

The GameStop vs. Wall Street situation is already inspiring Hollywood with a movie adaptation on the way to Netflix from the screenwriter of The Hurt Locker and reportedly set to star To All The Boys actor Noah Centineo. The news of the Netflix project came just following MGM won the film rights to the upcoming book The Antisocial Network by Ben Mezrich. He was the same author behind the book that became David Fincher’s The Social Network. Until then, Jordan Belfort is wishing you some happy investing!

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