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Thanks To Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, The Voice Of Mario Just Hit A Huge Milestone

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has broken a few records even though it's only been out for about a week, including one tied to voice acting in games.

Mario Creator Wants Industry To Focus On Titles With Fixed Prices, Not In-Game Transactions

After experimenting with free-to-play games over the past couple of years, recent comments from Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto hint at a future dedicated to flat-cost games and subscription services.

Good News, Mario Is A Plumber Again

Nintendo, finally seeing the error of its ways, has corrected one of the great injustices of 2017. Mario has been reinstated as a legitimate plumber, rather than a profession he used to hold down "a long time ago."

The Internet Is Losing It Over Mario's Nipples

Nintendo has taken yet another step forward in proving to the world that they are willing to provide content for a broader, more mature audience, this time revealing the bare chest of their most beloved icon, Mario. Of course, this resulted in the internet absolutely losing its mind.

Wait, Mario Isn't A Plumber Anymore?

Quick, what's one thing you know for sure about Mario? If your answer was, "he's a plumber," then prepare to have your reality torn asunder. According to a recent listing, it turns out Nintendo's iconic mustachioed plumber is now just an iconic mustachioed unemployed dude.

Monopoly Gamer Adds Mario To The Classic Board Game, Might Actually Make Monopoly Fun Again

It's already been a huge year for Mario in the virtual space and, thanks to a new version of Monopoly, the mustachioed plumber's winning streak may soon continue in the physical realm. Get ready to bring the Mushroom Kingdom to your tabletop.

Someone Modded Mario's New Hat Abilities Into Super Mario 64, And It's Awesome

In Nintendo's upcoming Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintnedo Switch, due out this fall, Mario is accompanied by a friendly hat known as Cappy. The hat grants Mario some super cool abilities, and someone managed to mod those abilities into the classic N64 title, Super Mario 64.

Nintendo Felt The Need To Clarify How Mario Controls Things In Super Mario Odyssey

During the E3 demonstration of Super Mario Odyssey gamers were given their first glimpse at how Mario and Cappy go about getting things done in the open-world, 3D platforming sandbox. Nintendo, however, felt the need to clarify exactly how the whole Mario embodiment thing works in Super Mario Odyssey.

More Details Are Coming Out About That Bizarre Switch Crossover Title

There were rumors a while back that there was a crossover game in the works for the Nintendo Switch. Well, some new details seem to point to what kind of game it could be.

Nintendo Rides Will Be Coming To More Universal Theme Parks Than We Thought

It looks like Mario is a huge fan of theme parks. We already knew that Nintendo-themed rides were going to be featured at Universal Japan but, thanks to some new information, it sounds like the mustachioed plumber and his colorful cast of pals will be paying a visit to Universal Orlando and Hollywood, too.

Are Nintendo And Ubisoft Developing A Crossover Title For The Switch? Here's What We Know

Rumors are swirling that Ubisoft and Nintendo might be working on a new collaborative title featuring two iconic brands from both Ubisoft and Nintendo. The game will supposedly be an exclusive launch game for the Nintendo Switch.

There's A Mario Cafe Out There, And It's Awesome

A Webhallen cafe in Stockholm, Sweden was recently overhauled and re-opened as a Mario themed cafe. Two cosplayers managed to attend the event and captured some footage of the grand opening, giving eager fans of Super Mario Bros., a look at the new video game themed cafe.

The Nintendo NX Could Have One Thing Previous Consoles Have Been Missing

Nintendo's new NX has been swirling in the media ever since Nintendo let the cat out of the bag. One thing a lot of people have been wondering about is Nintendo's lack of third-party support. Well, one report indicates that the NX may have solid third-party support.

New Video Shows What Happens When Yoshi And Mario Switch Places

There's a new video making its way around the web showcasing what happens when the traditional roles of Mario and Yoshi are reversed, and Mario becomes Yoshi's traveling pet. The video is pretty short and is just barely a minute long but it's hilarious, nonetheless.

Super Mario Bros. Stop-Motion Video Looks Good Enough To Eat

This latest Super Mario Bros. video is pretty sweet, by which I mean it looks tasty enough to snack on. Get ready to experience the mustachioed plumber like you've never seen him before: Taking on the enemies of the Mushroom Kingdom in cookie form.

NYC's Nintendo World Store Is Getting A Major Renovation

The Nintendo World Store in New York is getting a major renovation, including a name change, as well as a huge gaming screen for visitors to enjoy.

Mario's 10 Greatest Forms, Ranked

Mario is a man of many hats. No, seriously, he’s worn a boatload of hats over the years, along with various costumes, accessories and bizarre contraptions. The best thing about Mario’s many forms, though, is that they grant him special abilities to help battle Bowser and his army of minions. But out of all of those super-powered forms Mario has taken over the years, which 10 are the absolute best?

This Super Mario Cake Looks Absolutely Delicious

Have you ever created something so awesome-looking you just couldn't bear to use it, or in some cases, eat it? If you had crafted this amazing Super Mario Bros. cake like Cory Pohlman of Bohnhoff & Kent Bakery, you might be feeling that way right about now.

This Unreal Engine 4 Version Of Mario Looks Fantastic

A new video featuring an Unreal Engine 4 rendition of Mario running around and bouncing off walls has taken the internet by storm and has gone viral. You can see the video in action below, where a visually updated Mario with all the moves from Super Mario 64 runs around in demo stages and tutorial levels from the Unreal Engine 4.

NBA Logos Reimagined As Retro Video Game Characters

Graphic designer Mark Kenny has remade NBA teams' logos as classic video game characters. You'll enjoy them even if you hate professional basketball.

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