Chris Pratt Has Seen The First Trailer For The Mario Movie, And It Looks Like It’s Almost Time To Enter The Mushroom Kingdom

Nintendo’s Mario is one of the most popular characters in video game history, but like many video game characters, his journey to the big screen has been less smooth. Following a disastrous live-action adaptation of Super Mario Bros., Mario is trying again with an animated film. We will get our first look at that movie very soon, and Chris Pratt is certainly hyping us up for it.

It had been previously announced that the teaser trailer for the Super Mario Bros. movie would debut at this year’s New York Comic Con, and Chris Pratt recently posted to Instagram that he has actually seen the final product, and he is promising fans they are in for something “very special.” 

Chriss Pratt hyping Super Mario Bros movie trailer

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Chris Pratt certainly seems to have reasons to get fans excited for the new Super Mario Bros. movie, and he'll have to stand by them when the trailer drops. If fans are not blown away, as Pratt says they will be, then they might actually be disappointed by the trailer, which is not the response you want to have. So one assumes the actor at least believes the fans will truly love what they’re going to see.

The biggest X-factor going into the trailer is Chris Pratt himself. The announcement of his Mario casting was something of a surprise because Pratt was simply not the sort of voice that people thought of when they thought of Mario, who is traditionally depicted as a plumber from Brooklyn of Italian descent. What little voice Mario is given in modern video games is very stylized and cartoonish, but it has a distinctly Italian accent, and that doesn't feel like a voice that Pratt would be good at. Still, we've been assured by Illumination that Pratt's performance is great

Fans will likely be very interested in the trailer for Super Mario Bros. if only for the chance to hear Chris Pratt’s voice. Of course, we have to be prepared for the possibility that we won’t actually hear it. Teaser trailers can sometimes be very short, and they frequently leave a lot of details hidden, that’s why they call them teasers. Illumination could very easily leave Mario’s voice behind the curtain simply because they know people are interested and they may want to continue to hype it.

Perhaps we will hear Chris Pratt voice Mario next weekend and he will be incredible.  Even if we don’t get Mario’s voice, we will get our first look at the movie itself, we’ll know what the Super Mario Bros. movie is going to look like, and likely get an idea what the overall tone will be. And perhaps we will all be blown away by the result. We’ll see the teaser trailer on October 6 and the Super Mario Bros. movie hits theaters April 7, 2023. 

Dirk Libbey
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