15+ Must-Have Pop Culture Advent Calendars For Fans Of Harry Potter, Friends And More

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The year-ending holiday season can be lauded for tons of positive reasons, from the joys of decorating to giving and receiving amazing gifts to going all out with family-friendly meal-planning. But perhaps most importantly (or not), it’s the only time of year when we can properly appreciate advent calendars! That may seem like a niche reason to adore the lead-up to Christmas celebrations, but the world has come a lo-o-o-ong way from the simplistic advent calendars of yesteryear, with a revised focus on pampering consumers with innumerous other goodies that feed our fandom needs.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the many ways TV and film fans can spend the final month of 2022 in a constant whirlwind of surprise gifts, thanks to all these pop culture-fueled advent calendars. I ho-ho-hope your wallets are full while checking them all out, because there are some bangers in the bunch. 

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Advent Calendar

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Harry Potter

Let's kick things off with something of a neo-classic where pop culture holiday gifts are concerned: Funko's Harry Potter 2022 Advent Calendar (opens in new tab). The collectible-producing company dove into the calendar game some years back, and have likely sparked other companies to follow suit. So celebrate their sucesses with this selection of characters and (fantastic) beasts from the Harry Potter franchise.

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THE OFFICE HOLIDAY advent calendar

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The Office

Anyone with a Peacock subscription has likely spent at least some point each month throwing on classic episodes of The Office, and if you’ve already gotten your mitts on this year’s A+ LEGO set, then look no further than this 12 Days of Socks gift set (opens in new tab) for the next best Office-related gift that isn’t an offer of a cameo appearance in the next Threat Level Midnight project. 

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PLAYMOBIL Back To The Future Advent Calendar

(Image credit: Playmobil)

Back To The Future

With Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox having only recently unveiled their co-curated BTTF merch shop, there's no better TIME than now to opt for the PLAYMOBIL Back to the Future Advent Calendar (opens in new tab), which features seven different figures and 17 more props and accessories. The PLAYMOBIL DeLorean and uncomfortable relationships with your mother sold separately.

The Official Batman™ Advent Calendar

(Image credit: Insight Editions)


For some, Christmas can be the darkest night of the year, which is an awkward way of saying that Batman and the holiday go together like forearms in gauntlets. Insight Editions' The Official Batman Advent Calendar: Christmas in Gotham City (opens in new tab) even takes the big day into account by offering fans 25 pockets to open, with a variety of keepsakes showcasing the Caped Crusader and his rogues gallery.

A Christmas Story Advent Calendar 2022 Includes 24 Windows Filled with Silly and Festive 1-inch Figures & Accessories!

(Image credit: Jakks Holiday)

A Christmas Story

A holiday classic like no other, A Christmas Story finally got a sequel for 2022, with star Peter Billingsley back for more tongue-sticking hijinks. As such, the build-up to this year's holiday certainly won't feel complete for superfans without Jakks' A Christmas Story Advent Calendar 2022 (opens in new tab), which features a selection of characters, film moments and accessories. 

Star Wars: The Life Day Pop-Up Book and Advent Calendar

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Star Wars

Having the Force sure would be nice, if only for the ability to draw in advent calendars that are out of arm's reach. (Okay, for way more than that, but that would be one of the perks.) The blockbuster franchise, currently bolstered by critical darling Andor, is a go-to subject for these multi-gift assortments, but one of the most unique examples you'll find is Insight Editions' Star Wars: The Life Day Pop-Up Book And Advent Calendar (opens in new tab), which features a central pop-up tree and a variety of themed ornaments to unveil. 

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Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton Advent Calendar

(Image credit: Williams Sonoma)

Everyone has to live and suffer with the fact that none of us will ever be Dolly Parton, but that doesn't mean we can't spend 24 days indulging on some of the candies that she finds most tempting. For that toothsome experience, look no further than the Dolly Parton Advent Calendar from Williams Sonoma (opens in new tab).

Bluey Advent Calendar | 24 Pieces

(Image credit: Bluey)


Currently one of the most popular and beloved children's animated series across different parts of the globe, the Australian hit Bluey is a winner for both parents and their kids. (It's available here in the U.S. with a Disney+ subscription.) While waiting for more episodes to come out, celebrate the 'oliday with Bandit, Chilli, Bingo and BLUEY!!! by playing with the Bluey's Family Christmas Surprise Pack Advent Calendar (opens in new tab), featuring two figures, a mini Christmas tree, stickers, and a bunch of different accessories.

Jurassic World Dominion Holiday Advent Calendar with 24-Day Countdown, Daily Surprise Gifts Include Mini Toy Dinosaurs, Mini Human Figures and Accessories

(Image credit: Jurassic World Toys)

Jurassic World: Dominion

Now that we've hit the middle of this list, it seems like the right time to throw in an option that isn't Christmas-themed, and really doesn't seem to have a stake in any particular time of the year: the Jurassic World: Dominion Holiday Advent Calendar (opens in new tab). There are 30 pieces to uncover in this dino-filled array, with more than 15 dinosaurs, one human, and the parts to assemble a gated area for the beasts to roam within.

Paladone Friends TV Show Advent Calendar 2022 with 24 Gifts, 24 Days Christmas Countdown

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A modern classic with some of the most memorable holiday episodes of any TV series, Friends is another pop culture behemoth that has become a merch mecca for fans. And you better believe advent calendars are part of the collecting fun. Paladone's Friends TV Show Advent Calendar (opens in new tab) will keep you busy for 24 days of gifts inspired by Chandler, Monica, Rachel and the rest of the gang.

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Home Alone: The Official AAAAAAdvent Calendar (2021 Advent Calendar)

(Image credit: Insight Editions)

Home Alone

Certainly not the only Christmas movie classic that centers on something horrifying happening to a child — and I don't just mean the sequels — Home Alone definitely hasn't been forgotten or left behind for sticky bandits to torment in all of the advent calendar madness. Insight Editions gave the Macaulay Culkin hit its own countdown gift in the form of Home Alone: The Official AAAAAAdvent Calendar (opens in new tab), which features a pop-up tree and 24 different ornaments to seek out, with 100% fewer swinging paint cans and iron-hot doorknobs. 

Elf Advent Calendar, Enjoy 24 Days of Fun Collectible Surprise Figures

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There can never be enough Elf merch out in the world for my tastes — can there ever be too much Bob Newhart in any capacity? — and so few things sound more "treat yourself" worthy than Jakks' Elf Advent Calendar (opens in new tab). The box itself opens up into a diaorama to place the assorted mini-figures and more. Just maybe don't let Buddy play with it without adult supervision.

Dragon Ball Z: The Official Advent Calendar

(Image credit: Insight Editions)

Dragon Ball Z

If you thought you'd go your whole life without any anime-flavored advent calendars to enjoy the holidays with, that wasn't such a strange assumption to make, honestly. But it was still the wrong one, as Insight Editions' Dragon Ball Z: The Official Advent Calendar (opens in new tab) is new for 2022 and has all the mini-keepsake flair that fans have been missing. It doesn't appear as if the included gifts are themed to the holiday, for better or worse.

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Super Mario Advent Calendar 2022 Limited Christmas Edition! - Never Before Seen Santa Mario, Snowman Mario & Luigi [Amazon Exclusive]

(Image credit: SUPER MARIO)

Super Mario

While waiting for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. feature, starring Chris Pratt as the...Chris Pratt-sounding plumber, be sure to invite the video game icon and others into your homes with the Super Mario Advent Calendar 2002 Limited Christmas Edition (opens in new tab). That's right, you'll not only get Mario and Luigi dressed up in holiday duds, but you'll also get Mario and Luigi snowmen dressed for the occasion, among many other exclusive figures and accessories.

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Funko Advent Calendar: Marvel 80th Anniversary, 24Pc

(Image credit: Funko)


Now let's wrap things up — no wrapping involved — with a look at another one of the holiday season's biggest moneymakers: Marvel. The entertainment giant is another advent calendar staple as well, and this feels like the best possible year to add the LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy Advent Calendar (opens in new tab) to your collection, with Disney+'s Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special making the 2022 holiday season as Groot-iful as can be.

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