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Here's What The Nintendo Switch Online Service Will Cost

Nintendo's online network is currently up and running for select games. Players are able to use their Nintendo Network ID to play stuff like Mario Kart 8: Deluxe and the upcoming ARMS for free. However, the free network service won't last forever, and here's what it'll cost when it goes live.

Sony Is Ending Online Support For Six Games

Sony is gearing up to shut down several servers in the coming months, bringing the online era for six games to a close. But while most of those titles are well past their prime, one hasn't even been online for a full year.

Take Advantage Of An Xbox Freebie This Weekend, Get The Details

Microsoft is bringing back their free Xbox Live weekends. This time the experience will be shared between both Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers. Starting on June 9, gamers without Xbox Live Gold will be able to play online over the weekend... for free.

F.E.A.R. Online Opens Up For Beta Registration

It’s been a while since the F.E.A.R. series has popped up on anyone’s radar, but it looks like the fright-filled first-person shooter is ready to once again rise from the grave and haunt a brand new audience as a free-to-play online shooter. And, yes, the horror elements will remain intact. Boo!...See? Loads of horror.

Marvel Heroes Gets Siege Update, Playable Ghost Rider

It feels like I can't go two weeks these days without writing a story about Marvel Heroes receiving one update or another. And for those of you who have been playing the free-to-play, super-charged beat-em-up, you know that's far from a complaint. This latest Update 2.1 is called Siege, and it increases the content in the recently added Asgard level, as well as makes Ghost Rider a playable character.

Neverwinter Gets Shadowmantle Expansion In Early December

Get ready to go questing through the holidays as Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment’s Neverwinter gears up to receive its second major update since launch, Shadowmantle, this time introducing the new Hunter Ranger character class and a new zone, the Dread Ring, for players to explore.

Roblox Continues To Expand With 13.4 Billion Pageviews In 2013

Young kids, teens and young adults are loving what Roblox has to offer in the community engagement and content creation arena. The online web portal has generated a significant amount of interest web users the world around, nabbing more than 13.4 billion pageviews in the first six months of 2013 and more than 339 million hours of site and gameplay user engagement.

 More Than Half Of European Online Users Support Microtransactions

If you're afraid of an always-on, digital-only gaming future, the new stats from Hi-Media Payments probably won't do much to sedate those fears. It looks like more than half the individuals who game online support microtransactions.

Diablo 3 Hacked Accounts Are Reason Enough For An Offline Mode

We reported on the growing number of Diablo III hackusations earlier and also offered some ways in which to safeguard yourself while playing online. But I think it's safe to say that this really does prove that Blizzard needs to consider an offline mode as soon as possible.

Heroes & Generals Alpha Diary 4: Vehicles, Weapons, Reloading And Bicycles

Reto-Moto released a new alpha log developer diary detailing how they've overhauled the look and feel of the game, including the way vehicles handle, weapon animations and reloading, as well as damage models and explosions.

Killing Floor Christmas Weapon Pack Arrives This Weekend

Tripwire Interactive has announced that a brand new Christmas expansion pack will be arriving tomorrow, featuring brand new weapons, character packs, baddies and levels to exercise your FPS skills on.

Guns Of Icarus Online Debut Trailer

Remember that indie browser-based co-op game called Guns of Icarus? Well, Muse Games is taking that concept a step further and doing things within the genre that few other companies are doing: making a steampunk, MMO airship co-op game.

HellBreed: Huntress Combat Screenshots Released

GameForge released about two handfuls of screenshots featuring the Huntress, some mob combat and a few of the environments that players will travel throughout on their adventures.

World Rotunda Launches, A Gaming World Fair For The Internet

A press release recently went out indicating that World Rotunda has successfully launched and represents a web portal for educational online gaming.

Drug Wars Launch Trailer Burns Up The Screen

Lots of explosions, tons of gib and plenty of bullets and laser beams fill up the screen in the official launch trailer for the first-person shooter, Drug Wars.

Parabellum Closed-Beta Starting; Mercenaries Sign-Up Now

Acony and K2 Networks recently announced that the closed-beta for Parabellum is starting and it appears they’ll need mercenaries to round out the experience…that means they want you to sign-up now.

Pangya Re-launched And Amped Up For North America

Formerly known as Albatross 18, the casual online golfing game has been re-tooled and re-launched for North America under its new title, Pangya. Publisher and developer Ntreev USA has announced that the game has a new website and is currently in open beta.

Gaia Online zOMG Open Beta Starting Soon

Special early entrants will be accepted into the closed beta of Gaia Online’s zOMG! The online mmo will have 500 Golden Tickets available for applicants to participate in the beta before everyone and their casual relative floods the new zOMG!

The PS3 Outsells Wii: The Old Boy Still Has A Hammer Wield

According to Reuters, Sony's system sold a whopping 183,217 units versus the Wii's 159,193, marking the first time since both systems have been on shelves that Nintendo's console didn't take home the prize. Industry experts are skeptical however that Sony's luck will continue to move in such a positive trend, citing that although the company took this round, Nintendo still has much of the interest piked from casual gamers who, since the release of Nintendo's Wii, have helped to push the industry into new mainstream territory.

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