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Tripwire Interactive has announced that a brand new Christmas expansion pack will be arriving tomorrow, featuring brand new weapons, character packs, baddies and levels to exercise your FPS skills on.

Killing Floor, powered by Unreal technology, is a first-person shooter that sees multiple players cooperatively working together to face off against increasingly difficult enemies. The game incorporates realistic weapon behavior and mechanics, including iron-sights, recoil and realistic reloading in Doom/Quake style combat scenarios. The game is scalable with scripted missions, progressive scenarios and more. It's easily one of the most shooter-centric FPS titles out there geared toward gamers who want to just have serious cooperative fun with an online shooter.

The Christmas pack will further extend the fun factors with some highly requested weapons, including the M-4, a revolver and even a two-handed claymore for some brutal melee combat.

You can check out the list of details for the weapons below or try out the new pack for free this weekend on Steam. For further information on the game be sure to pay a visit to the Official Website.

Killing Floor Christmas Weapon Pack Features:

• The Sharpshooter gets a shiny .44 Magnum revolver - good for dual-wielding for even more stopping power.

• The Commando picks up a US Army surplus M-4 Carbine, with a nice, new red dot sight fitted.

• For Demolitions, we've removed the sight and added the under-slung M-203 single shot grenade launcher. Wonderful all-purpose weapon!

• Support Specialists can get their hands on a semi-automatic combat shotgun.

• Berserkers can go all Scottish, with a massive two-handed Claymore. Perfect for the holiday season...

• Following on from Horzine's earlier experiments with healing darts, they have now provided the Medic with an MP5 machine pistol, mounting a dart-firing device.

• Ripped from the arm of a dead Husk the Firebug gets his asbestos-covered hands on the fireball launching Huskgun!!! Charge this baby up and watch the zeds explode in a ball of flames!

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