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Stan Lee Tribute Added To World Of Warcraft

The latest World of Warcraft patch has arrived on the Public Test Realm and, with it, players have noticed a familiar face popping up: Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee.

When Blizzard Will Release World Of Warcraft Classic

One of the most talked about projects coming out of Blizzard's development studios is the World of Warcraft Classic. During this year's BlizzCon, the company unveiled the release date for the upcoming vanilla server.

Some World Of Warcraft Players Accidentally Got Battle For Azeroth Loot Early

The new expansion came out back in the middle of August and it was accompanied by a crazy amount of new content to explore. But, some gamers managed to get their hands on some of the brand new loot ahead of the actual launch of certain features for the MMO expansion pack.

Following Battle Of Azeroth Release, World Of Warcraft's Director Will Give The PAX West 2018 Keynote

Blizzard Entertainment's release of the highly anticipated expansion pack for World of Warcraft has created plenty of buzz. In celebration of the new expansion there's also going to be more surprises in store for WoW gamers as the current director of the MMORPG will be at PAX West 2018 to give the keynote speech.

Blizzard Issues Hotfix To Deal With World Of Warcraft Leveling Problem

With the next World of Warcraft expansion scheduled to drop in just a couple of weeks, Blizzard has rolled out a fresh hotfix that will hopefully address one of the game's current issues: leveling.

World Of Warcraft Pre-Battle For Azeroth Patch Coming July 17, Here's What It Does

Ahead of the release of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, there's going to be a patch that helps set up the MMO for the next major expansion pack.

World Of Warcraft's Battle For Azeroth Expansion Dated

Blizzard Entertainment is still supporting World of Warcraft. I know, it's crazy, but after all these years the company is still supporting the MMORPG that came out more than a decade ago. Well, the latest expansion pack, World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth, has finally received an official release date.

A Classic World Of Warcraft Raid Is Back, But Not For Long

For a limited time only you can take part in a classic World of Warcraft raid. Yes, Blizzard is reaching deep into its pool of classic raids from bygone eras of its most popular MMO, and resurrecting them for gamers who may have missed out back when the raids were all the rage.

When World Of Warcraft's Next Expansion Will Arrive

The factions of World of Warcraft are done playing nice. They teamed up to fight a greater evil during the current expansion but, once Battle for Azeroth drops, that unsteady alliance will be broken. And based on the latest announcement from the folks at Blizzard, the truce will finally come to an end this summer.

What You Can Expect From World Of Warcraft's Christmas Event

Blizzard Entertainment has a couple of really big events going down right now for World of Warcraft for subscribers and those willing to dive into the game during the holidays leading up and through the new year. In fact, if you've been wanting to check out the festivities you might want to hurry.

BlizzCon 2017: Everything New For Blizzard's Big Games

BlizzCon 2017 is wrapping up but, throughout the past several days, Blizzard has made some huge announcements for their entire roster of games. For your convenience, we've gathered them all into one tidy rundown.

Which Games Have Halloween Content Coming

A number of games have been or will be on the receiving end of some Halloween special events, updates, content patches and special treats. Some of these games have announced their Halloween specials well in advance, but others have only just recently made it known that they will be getting in on the frighteningly festive events.

New World Of Warcraft Fan Server Goes Live, Goes Down Hours Later

After some hype had built up around one of the fan servers for World of Warcraft, the inaugural launch was cut somewhat short as the server for the fan-made version of the game was shut down just hours after it went live. So what happened? Why did the highly anticipated legacy server get cut off the same day it went up?

Another World Of Warcraft Fan Server Will Recreate A Classic Version Of The Game

World of Warcraft has gone through a heap of changes over the past decade, but some longtime players still pine for the days when everyone was clamoring over that first major update. If you count yourself in that number, you'll be happy to know that you'll soon be able to revisit those days in a brand new fan-made server.

The Bizarre Effect Destiny 2 Is Having On World Of Warcraft

We learned a heck of a lot about Destiny 2 during last week's big gameplay reveal, but perhaps one of the most interesting tidbits to come out of that daylong affair actually took place in a totally unrelated game, World of Warcraft.

Blizzard Is Ending Support For Some Older Operating Systems

As additional operating systems become standard, older legacy systems become obsolete. While Microsoft has already given up support on some systems, developers are starting to join suit, giving gamers a heads-up that their old legacy systems will no longer be supported.

Map Shows The Most Popular Game In All 50 States

A recent study has been conducted to determine which online games are played the most across the United States. Surprisingly, the list isn't all that varied, as it looks like gamers like to find their groove and just stick with it. And for you geography fans in the audience, there's even a map to highlight the results.

Blizzard Just Made World Of Warcraft Tokens A Lot More Useful

Blizzard has found a way to exponentially grow their virtual in-game economy by making the tokens from World of Warcraft a heck of a lot more useful than they've ever been. The new update to the World of Warcraft currency isn't something that just applies to the MMO, though.

World Of Warcraft Has A Cow Level For Diablo's 20th Anniversary

The folks over at Blizzard realize how influential a game series Diablo is. To celebrate the game's 20th birthday, they're offering special promotions in various games and, as of today, we now know that a hidden cow level has been plugged into World of Warcraft.

Why World Of Warcraft Is Finally Going To Argus

Blizzard rolled out tons of news and content during the BlizzCon weekend that took place in Anaheim, California. The convention brought us details on Sombra from Overwatch, new content for Diablo III and the eventual journey to the Draenei's home world of Argus in World of Warcraft.

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