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Xbox Support Thanks Gamers For Patience As Xbox Live Gets Fixed

The issue has reportedly been resolved, but it was a scary day for many Xbox One users who discovered multiple problems were plaguing the console.

PlayStation Exclusives For Red Dead Redemption 2 Are Now On Xbox One

Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive dropped some exclusive content into the PS4 version of Red Dead Redemption 2, but now Xbox One gamers can get in on the exclusive content.

Devil May Cry 5 Demo Pulled From Xbox One, But Will Return

Demos seem to come and go these days like a comic book print being pulled and brought back after a short while. That's what Capcom seems to be doing with Devil May Cry 5, which originally had a demo available for the Xbox One for gamers to test out, but then it got pulled. Don't worry, though, it's coming back.

Xbox One Adds Mouse And Keyboard Support

Microsoft has delivered on the promise of giving Xbox One owners the ability to utilize mouse and keyboard controls for a variety of games on the home console. It's been a controversial decision.

Four Huge Valve Games Now Look Better On Xbox One X

Microsoft continues to court publishers and developers from the Xbox 360 era to port their games over to the Xbox One and Xbox One X. One surprising deal that Microsoft managed to make was with Valve, which gave the thumbs up to allow four of its biggest games to make their way onto the Xbox One, along with the added bonus of being enhanced for the Xbox One X.

Xbox One Update Brings Back Avatars, Adds Alexa Control

Throughout the year, Microsoft has been working hard to update and overhaul the Xbox Avatars. The all new creation suite has finally rolled out as part of the Xbox October update, but the Avatars didn't arrive alone, they also came packed in with brand new Alexa control features.

Two Classic Metal Gear Games Are Now Backwards Compatible On Xbox One

Microsoft continues to court publishers far and wide to keep allowing games to be made backwards compatible on the Xbox One. The latest duo of software to make the leap from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One are two fan-favorites from publisher Konami and the Japanese auteur, Hideo Kojima.

Mouse And Keyboard Support Coming To Xbox One

Whether you think that keyboard and mouse play on a home console is cheating or not is irrelevant, because Razer and Microsoft have teamed up, and official support for the PC-oriented gaming peripherals will be coming to the Xbox One... soon.

The First Three Phoenix Wright Games Are Coming To Modern Consoles

Here's some news you won't likely object to: The first three Phoenix Wright games are about to be bundled and made available across every major platform.

You Can Finally Use Amazon's Alexa To Control Your Xbox One

Microsoft has revealed that the Xbox One and Alexa are now best buds, meaning you can control your home console simply by talking to that device you keep asking for weather updates.

What Changed With Assassin's Creed's Combat Update

The latest Assassin's Creed that is set in Greece, aptly titled Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, takes the combat to a whole new level by updating how players engage with the enemies and what sort of tactical mechanics will be at their disposal during battle.

A Pair Of Tomb Raider Games Go Backwards Compatible On Xbox One

It was recently announced that two classic Tomb Raider games have gone through the process of being made compatible with the Xbox One, and now the Xbox 360 third-person action titles are now available to play for those of you who have an Xbox One or Xbox One S or Xbox One X in your possession.

July Xbox One Update Lets You Start Playing Games Faster

The July update for the Xbox One actually enhances the load times for some games so that from the time you boot the console up to the time you get into the game itself, everything is done a heck of a lot faster than before.

Rockstar Released Three New Backward Compatible Games For Xbox One

Rockstar Games recently announced that three new games have been added to the ever-growing list of backwards compatible games for the Xbox One family of systems, enabling those of you with an Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X to get in on the action.

Leaked Xbox One Controller Designed To Increase Accessibility

It looks like Microsoft could be taking a big step in the right direction for inclusive gaming, with a recently leaked image of a new controller supposedly designed for greater accessibility.

Xbox One Digital Games Can Now Be Given As Gifts

After a lot of requests, Microsoft finally implemented the feature for PC gamers and Xbox One gamers.

When The Dark Souls: Remastered Network Test Starts On Xbox One And PS4

The Dark Souls: Remastered network test is set to go live later this month, giving Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers a chance to experience the beloved, tough-as-nails action game for a limited time while simultaneously helping the developers make sure their online features work properly.

Xbox One Users Will Soon Be Able To Link Their Discord Accounts

So, here's something that makes so much sense, we're surprised it hasn't been done until now. Thanks to a new collaboration between Xbox and Discord, users across both services will soon be able to link their accounts. That should make keeping up with friends and gaming groups a heck of a lot easier.

Six Star Wars Titles From The Original Xbox Are Going Backwards Compatible

A number of games have been made available as backwards compatible titles for the Xbox One from the OG Xbox era, including six Star Wars games that were huge fan-favorites during the sixth generation of gaming some 15 years ago.

PlayerUnknown's Battleground's Upcoming Map Just Took A Big Step Forward

PUBG Corporation wants to add a third map to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The new map was teased at first, but now the developers are taking further steps to make sure that the map will be implemented in a seamless and efficient fashion.

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