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Xbox Reveals December's Games With Gold

Microsoft is jumping the gun early this time around, hoping to lure in gamers with news about what will be free for the month of December as part of the Games With Gold program. There will be four free titles, as usual, with two being available for the Xbox 360 and two being free for the Xbox One.

The Sims 4 Drops A Major DLC Bundle On Consoles

Electronic Arts announced that there's a brand new bundle that has just become available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners who own The Sims 4. The new bundle contains four of the popular expansions that were previously released for the game, all in one pack that contains a variety of new customization, building, and personalization items.

Upcoming Horror Game SOMA Has A Safe Mode

Frictional Games made waves back in 2015 with the release of _SOMA _for PC and PlayStation 4. The game was a terrifying ride through an underwater base in an attempt to escape from some genetic monstrosities. Well, the game will finally make its way to the Xbox One this holiday season.

Xbox One Enables Digital Gifting In Time For The Holidays

One of the big features that a lot of Xbox gamers couldn't wait to use was the digital game gifting, a feature that's heavily used on Steam. Well, Microsoft surprised gamers with an announcement about digital game gifting, and how it's arrived just in time for the holidays.

Super Lucky's Tale Review

It feels like it's been forever since anybody tried to come out with a brand new mascot platformer. And yet, the Xbox One X is ready to try and fill that void with a kid fox named Lucky.

Disneyland Adventures Review

Previously an Xbox 360 title that worked exclusively with the Kinect, Disneyland Adventures has been updated for the Xbox One X and PC. How does the new edition compare?

Microsoft's Disneyland Adventures Could See As Many Updates As The Actual Theme Park

Many might have been surprised to learn that a game designed for the Xbox 360 Kinect in 2011 was getting a 4K rerelease for the Xbox One X and PC. However, it turns out that there's a great deal of future potential for Disneyland Adventures beyond what's on the disc.

Why A New Pixar Game's Finding Dory Level Was Almost Missing Dory's Voice

When Microsoft updated their Pixar themed Kinect title for the Xbox One X they also updated it with a new level based on Finding Dory. However, the new level very nearly came into being without one key element.

PUBG Will Be On Xbox One Before Christmas

The best-selling game of the year will be making its way to Xbox One before Christmas. That's right, Bluehole Studios' PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, which took the market by storm earlier in the year, will head to the Xbox One and Xbox One X before Christmas gets here.

Microsoft Has Ceased Production On The Kinect

After seven years on the market, Microsoft has finally pulled the plug on the Kinect camera. You can still pick up the hardware in stores but, once that stock is gone, they'll be tricky to find as Microsoft has officially ceased production.

Original Xbox Games Are Now Backwards Compatible On Xbox One

Just a day after rumors started circulating concerning the first batch of backwards compatible Xbox games on the latest hardware, the first collection of those games is now available. Get ready to party like it's the early 2000's with 13 of the best games Microsoft's first console had to offer.

Everything New In Danger Zone For The Xbox One

Three Fields Entertainment's Unreal Engine-powered race-and-crash destruction game, Danger Zone, recently received an update for the Xbox One and preemptive enhancements set to be made available for the Xbox One X version of the game.

When Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility Will Come To The Xbox One

One of the big announcements that Microsoft made was that OG Xbox games would eventually be made backwards compatible for the Xbox One family of game consoles. Gamers, of course, peppered Microsoft with questions about when backwards compatibility would be made available for the OG Xbox.

Forza Motorsport 7 Developer Reverses Course On VIP Changes Following Outcry

Forza Motorsport 7 is here and, while most folks are raving about the game and its impressive roster of automobiles and races, one of the tweaks made in this latest iteration rubbed quite a few virtual drivers the wrong way. Apparently, the complaints were loud enough that the team at Turn 10 has decided to make some changes to the game, specifically to the VIP rewards system.

Groove Music Pass Is Ending On Xbox One

Microsoft announced that the Groove Music Pass is coming to an end for the Xbox One, and the company has begun offering helpful tips on how to move over your music from the Groove Music profile to Spotify ahead of the closure of the service at the end of the year.

Game Gifting Is Coming To The Xbox One

Microsoft has long been attempting to upgrade and modify the Xbox One ecosystem to not only better compete with Sony's PlayStation 4, but to also leverage some of the things that have become quite popular on other platforms, such as game gifting on Steam. Well, that very feature is now set to arrive on the Xbox One.

Fast And Furious Cars Are Coming To Forza 7

If you've been enjoying the long-running yet over-the-top Fast and Furious movies but you also can't stop thinking about those oh-so-sexy cars, you'll probably be pleased to know that Turn 10 and Microsoft managed to strike a deal and feature some of those customized mean machines from the popular movie series in the upcoming release of Forza Motorsport 7.

How To Play Overwatch For Free This Weekend

If you're having a lazy Sunday and still haven't played Overwatch yet, Blizzard aims to remedy that. A free weekend for the game is ongoing and, if you enjoy the time you spend in the fast and frantic first-person shooter, then you can pick it up for a nice discount, too.

Xbox One Is Testing USB Cameras For Streaming

The team at Mixer is attempting to make a huge improvement to games broadcasting on the Xbox One, making it possible for users to plug in their own webcams instead of just the Kinect.

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite Review: When Worlds Collide

This has turned out to be a pretty stellar year for fighting games and, despite some early misgivings, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite doesn't buck that trend. While the package is a bit bare bones, you'll find everything you need to make some cross-universe dream teams and then kick the stuffing out of your opponents.

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