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VR Is Definately Not Coming To Xbox

If you've been holding out hope that Microsoft will introduce virtual reality gaming on Xbox platforms at some point in the future, you might want to go ahead and invest elsewhere.

Gaming Disorder Has Been Officially Recognized As A Mental Health Condition

Can gaming become an addiction? According to the World Health Organization, the answer is yes. That question has been debated and studied for years now but, until very recently, the WHO has never officially weighed in on the matter. That ended with the release of the most recent edition of the International Classification of Diseases, which pegs "gaming disorder" as a legitimate diagnosis. But don't worry. Playing a metric ton of Fortnite isn't enough to get you labeled with the condition.

E3's Coolest Products Are Coming To Gamestop

Every year peripheral manufacturers unleash their own slate of awesome new products and gadgets for gamers to consume. Well, it turns out that you won't actually have to wait long for some of the gadgets and products on display at this year's E3, because they're all coming soon to GameStop.

Mega Man 11 Gives The Series Some Surprising Upgrades

Mega Man 11 is rushing toward a fall launch and, rather than simply give players another collection of eight stages to leap through and eight Robot Masters to blast into tiny pieces, Capcom has decided to take things a step further and introduce a couple new mechanics to the beloved franchise. That's a daring move considering the game's history but, based on what I played during E3 2018, it might actually pay off in a big way.

How Resident Evil 2 Reanimates Classic Survival Horror

When Resident Evil 2 launched 20 years ago, it scared the daylights out of an entire generation of gamers while simultaneously creating a template for the survival horror genre.

Microsoft Wants To Get The Adaptive Controller On Other Consoles

Microsoft feels as if the other consoles could also use the Adaptive Controller and wants to find a way to get it into the hands of Nintendo and PlayStation gamers as well.

The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit Is A Free Prequel To Life Is Strange 2

Those of you who felt as if Life Is Strange: Before The Storm wasn't enough, there's now The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit that will be made available later this month starting June 26th for home consoles and PC.

Control Is The New Game From The Makers Of Alan Wake

While Remedy has typically veered toward Microsoft's consoles in the recent past, especially since the Xbox 360 era with games like Alan Wake, this time around Remedy showcased its newest game, Control, during the Sony E3 press conference.

E3 2018: How Battlefield V Improves On The Franchise

If you've ever wanted your online battles to feel a little more meaningful in Battlefield, it looks like the new mode, Grand Operations, might just do the trick.

Frozen Joins Kingdom Hearts 3 In New Trailer

Microsoft's E3 showcase was packed with 50 games, including a series from Square Enix that has never appeared on an Xbox console before -- Kingdom Hearts. As such, they took the opportunity to make their Kingdom Hearts III presentation something special, revealing a brand new world players will be journeying to when the game finally launches. It looks like Sora, Donald and Goofy will be teaching Elsa how to "let it go" in Frozen.

The First Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer Looks Like Everything You've Been Waiting For

We finally got to see what the game might be like with a brand new trailer showcasing some cinematic content of Cyberpunk 2077, and its comeback at E3 this year was both huge and awesome, and you can watch the trailer right now.

Gears 5 Is Only One Of Several New Gears Of War Titles

The Coalition may be knee deep in Gears of War games under the Microsoft publishing label, but it doesn't mean that the company is just churning out one sequel after another like the Transformers films.

Halo Infinite Is The Next Chapter In The Halo Saga, And It Looks Amazing

Microsoft decided to put Halo Infinite on its own game engine, known as the Slipspace Engine. The brand new game will see Master Chief making a return to form in what looks to be the first ever truly open-world adventure set within the Halo universe.

Xbox E3 Sale Has Some Serious Deals On Games

The Xbox "Big Fun Deals" E3 week sale is finally up and running, offering all sorts of discounts on hardware and games alike. Speaking of games, now that the sale if open to the public, we've got a better idea of what, exactly, has been discounted.

Has Crackdown 3 Been Delayed Again?

With E3 press conferences just a few days out, all sorts of speculation is circulating concerning what will and will not be announced for a 2018 launch. In the case of Microsoft, it sounds like one of their big first party offerings, Crackdown 3, is actually facing another delay.

The First Far Cry 5 DLC Takes The Game To Vietnam

Far Cry 5's first DLC is nearly ready to launch, and it looks like we'll be leaving behind the not-so-peaceful community of Hope County and dropping straight into the thick of combat in Vietnam.

The Xbox One X Is Getting A Discount For The First Time

E3 2018 is only days away at this point and, to celebrate, Microsoft is holding a sale on all things Xbox. From hardware to software, this "Big Fun Deals" promotion even includes the first ever discount on the Xbox One X.

Evolve's Servers Are Shutting Down

2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios originally tried to revive Evolve _two years ago with a free-to-play version. It started off pretty big, giving both companies a lot to look forward to, but some core issues just couldn't keep the game in the spotlight. So now the servers for _Evolve are being shut down.

Vampyr's Trailer Is Creepy And Awesome

In preparation for the launch this upcoming Tuesday, Focus Home Interactive and Dontnod Entertainment released the official launch trailer for Vampyr, the new IP from the makers of Life Is Strange that takes players to a post-World War I London, where a veteran attempts to reintegrate into society. But as depicted by the creepy and awesome new trailer, things don't go over so well for the Doc.

Xbox Adding New Games To Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass is updated monthly to ensure that gamers have access to new titles every month. For those who are registered with the subscription service, you'll have access to several new games that are now available on the Xbox Game Pass, and can be downloaded and accessed right now if you have Xbox Live and an Xbox One.

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