Ahsoka Tano Actress Ashley Eckstein's New Star Wars Videos Are The Perfect Way To Start Your Day At Disney World [And Soon] On Disney Cruise Line

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A vacation at Walt Disney World can be a lot of fun for the whole family, but it isn’t necessarily the most relaxing trip you’ll ever take. Any Disney Park trip is expensive. If you’re the type who wants to “do it all” at the resort, then you’ll be in early and out late trying to do all the rides and see all the shows and eat all the food. It’s fun as hell, but it might require taking a little time off to recover from your time away. However, Star Wars voice actress and Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein has possibly created the perfect way to start your theme park day, and let yourself just breathe.

Back on May the 4th, Star Wars launched a series of short videos called Star Wars Mindful Matters. The collection of videos were a collaboration between Eckstein and Lucasfilm and starred the voice of Ahsoka Tano taking viewers through mindfulness exercises inspired by Star Wars characters and stories.  CinemaBlend’s own Laura Hurley had a chance to speak with Ashley Eckstein recently, and the actress and fashion designer revealed that the videos are now available as part of the entertainment system at Walt Disney World resort hotels. Eckstein explained:

I'm very excited to share that we just got the Star Wars Mindful Matters videos into every single Walt Disney World Resort. So guests at the Walt Disney World Resort can watch these videos on their TV before they start their busy day.

In addition to being able to watch regular television in your resort hotels, the TV system has a significant on demand system allowing guests to watch Disney TV shows, movies, and even replays of fireworks shows. Now guests can also do some light meditation.

This is actually pretty cool. With everything that goes on with a day at Walt Disney World, and new stuff coming all the time,  you can certainly find yourself mentally exhausted as well as physically wiped. With Star Wars Mindful Matters, a whole family can take just a couple minutes to rest, relax, breathe, and otherwise find peace, which probably isn’t the worst way to start your day.

And Disney World guests aren’t the only ones who will have a chance to start their day with Star Wars Mindful Matters. The video series is also in the process of being added to the TV systems on Disney Cruise Lines, including, one assumes, the brand new Disney Wish, which is basically a Disney park at sea. Some very lucky guests on an upcoming Alaskan cruise will be able to go through the Star Wars Mindful Matters with Ashley Eckstein herself. She continues…

I'm also excited to share that we have already gotten it on a cruise ship later this year. I'm attending a Disney Alaskan cruise, and I'm going to be doing it in person with the guests on the cruise every morning before we go through the channel in Alaska. But then they're also going to be on the cruise ship staterooms, and so this is just the beginning. We definitely plan to reach the guests because what's important is that this is a free resource. So there's no charge, and it's safe for all ages.

So next time you’re visiting Disney World or taking the family on a Disney Cruise, consider taking some time to center yourself. If it works for the Jedi, it will probably work for you. You can also find Ashley Eckstein in action for her next project when she takes the stage at San Diego Comic-Con for the 2022 Her Universe Fashion Show, which she'll co-host with RuPaul's Drag Race alum Nina West.

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