The In Between Ending: Joey King And Kyle Allen Share Reactions To Emotional Finale

SPOILERS are ahead for The In Between. Stream the movie with a Paramount+ subscription and come back here for the leads’ commentary on the ending.

It’s the season of love and while there are tons of happily ever afters to tune into, if you’re in need of a good cry, The In Between is a great choice. The new Paramount+ movie stars Joey King and Kyle Allen as a pair who share a beautiful teen romance before tragedy strikes. CinemaBlend spoke to the leads about filming the movie’s tearjerky ending and yes, there was a lot of emotion on set too. 

During The In Between, Kyle Allen’s Skylar does not survive a car accident and Tessa is left heartbroken and mourning the loss of a great love. Throughout the movie, Tessa tries to get in contact with Skylar from the “in between” and by the end she does get to visit him in the place between life and death. The pair reunite, but they soon realize their time together has to be to say farewell. Joey King told us her experience filming the end. 

Oh, man. It was tough to read, it was tough to film and it was tough to watch, all in a beautiful way, especially the filming part, it was really interesting. Kyle Allen, who plays Skylar, is just the best and he’s just so talented. Filming the scene together, it was just tears, so many tears and after the cameras cut, the tears were still coming.

Skylar and Tessa have some unfinished business prior to his death, but when they get in contact, they are able to truly tell each other what they mean to the other before they go their separate ways. It looked super emotional on screen and as Joey King told us, that was very much present on set. Her scene partner Kyle Allen shared a similar sentiment during our interview:  

I cried. I found it profoundly beautiful. I knew exactly how the scene would be, I knew exactly how I was going to play it in the audition initially. It was just so simple. It was just saying goodbye, was really saying goodbye. Which is such a treasured and precious moment. So rarely do you get to say goodbye to people in a healthy way. But I found it extraordinarily beautiful.

Thankfully, The In Between doesn’t leave us among the dead and has an ending that follows Tessa in her life after Skylar. She decides to pursue her photography and go to the Rhode Island School of Design. In the final scene, she shares how her grief can follow her, but her speech shows she’s also able to use her experience with Skylar to move forward in her life. King expressed her love for this section of The In Between ending with these words: 

When we finally have that closing chapter finally at the very end of the movie, I really love that monologue that was written and I feel so happy I got to deliver that and feel that as Tessa. And we shot it pretty much after we shot the rest of the movie, so it really felt like a closing chapter. It was really beautiful and really heartbreaking.

Joey King just came off another romance with a bittersweet ending in The Kissing Booth 3. As the 22-year-old actress and producer continues to be the leading lady of more romance films, she’s especially proud of the ending of The In Between, which really went there with its deep and profound conclusion. As the writer and director told CinemaBlend, the movie was inspired by Ghost and takes a similar supernatural approach to the romance genre.  

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