'Violent Night' Interviews With David Harbour, John Leguizamo, Tommy Wirkola

"Violent Night" stars David Harbour (Santa Claus), John Leguizamo (Scrooge) and director Tommy Wirkola discuss their brutal and heartwarming new holiday flick in this interview with CinemaBlend's Mike Reyes. They chat about how “Violent Night” is “Die Hard” with Santa Claus and who they would cast as Mrs. Claus in a sequel. They also give updates on the “John Wick” franchise and discuss Latin representation in “Wakanda Forever,” so this is one you need to see!

Video Chapters

00:00 - Introduction And 'Jurassic World'/'Violent Night' Crossover
00:20 - David Harbour On The Intimidation Of Action Films And Playing Santa
00:55 - John Leguizamo On Having To Play The “Heavy” As A Comedian
01:55 - 'Violent Night' Director Tommy Wirkola On His Reaction To The Film’s Pitch
02:48 - David Harbour Says 'Violent Night' Is An Action Flick And A Heartwarming Holiday Flick
03:40 - John Leguizamo On Latin Representation And Namor In 'Wakanda Forever'
04:20 - Tommy Wirkola On Having To Cut Out Violent Scenes
04:58 - David Harbour On Who Should Play Mrs. Claus
05:48 - Tommy Wirkola On Who Should Play Mrs. Claus
06:11 - John Leguizamo on Returning To 'John Wick'
06:45 - David Harbour Reflects On His Role In 'Quantum Of Solace'

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