Why American Song Contest's Snoop Dogg 'Hates The Rehearsals' But Loves His Job

American Song Contest is the latest singing reality competition series to take television by storm, headlined by Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson as hosts. With two music icons front and center each week to present the best singers from the fifty U.S. states and territories, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement. In fact, Snoop Dogg himself is often caught up in the performances, based on what Clarkson has had to say, and he has now explained why he hates the rehearsals before the live broadcasts but loves his job. 

Snoop Dogg has been dancing and singing along with artists throughout the first season, and even came out to to admit that K-pop is a "guilty pleasure" and show some special support for another singer after her emotional performance. He spoke with CinemaBlend and other outlets about American Song Contest, and when I asked whether he watches the rehearsals like Kelly Clarkson or prefers to watch for the first time live during the broadcast, he explained:

I hate the rehearsals. [laughs] I like watching them live. Because when it's live, I'm getting the feeling that you're getting, you know what I mean? It's not fake. It's not television, it's actually me. So when I'm dancing, grooving, having a good time, really into it, because it's my first time hearing it and this is the way it makes me move and the way it makes me feel, you did a great job because you got me dancing to your song that nobody in the world knows, but you and your people.

Viewers can't always see how much Snoop is dancing and grooving, as the camera is on the performers as they do their best to represent their state or territory, but Kelly Clarkson vouches for how much he's jamming along to the music. He certainly always has good things to say about the artists who particularly move him. 

This isn't his first time working on a music competition show – or even with Kelly Clarkson on a music competition show – thanks to his stint as Mega Mentor in Season 20 of The Voice, but American Song Contest is the first of its kind with this format in the United States as a take on Europe's legendary Eurovision.

The co-host was also clear that he loves his job, as he shared what he looks for in performers with true star power: 

One of the things I look for is work ethic, the way that they work. Songs, concepts, lyrics, selection of music, showmanship, the way that they handle being in front of people, the way that they deal with the ins and outs of knowing this may not work, you know. So just the reality side of it. Loving what they do more than loving the results that's going to come from it. That's what I'm mainly looking for. Somebody who just loves doing what they do. Because I love my job. I don't do this for money or fame, I do it because I love doing it. That's why you see me doing so many different things. Because if I love doing it in this opportunity, I'm gonna keep doing what I love.

Snoop Dogg's love for his job comes across with his enthusiasm as co-host alongside Kelly Clarkson, and it's no wonder that singers like Jocelyn and AleXa have specifically said that his feedback and praise in particular meant a lot to them. He's an icon in the music biz who pursues projects because he loves them, so what's not to love about Snoop Dogg as a host on ASC? (If you've missed any episodes so far, you can catch up with a Peacock subscription.)

You can find Snoop Dogg in action alongside Kelly Clarkson – whose feedback has also meant a lot to performers, including Grant Knoche as he represented her home state of Texas – with new episodes of American Song Contest on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. The competition is stiff, with performers ranging from big names like Michael Bolton and Macy Gray to others who might get their big break with ASC, so be sure to keep tuning in. 

Laura Hurley
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