Why Bond Girl Eva Green Is 'Scared' To Reteam With Her Casino Royale Director On Dirty Angels

Eva Green in conversation at a restaurant in Casino Royale.
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Reintroducing the world of James Bond movies isn’t the easiest job in the world, despite the fact that director Martin Campbell has done it twice and made it look so damned good. Through his efforts in the making of Casino Royale, Campbell helped reinvent 007 with Daniel Craig’s blunt instrument restarting the entire continuity. 

Eva Green’s performance as Bond woman Vesper Lynd was just as essential, as the women that would be paired up with Commander Bond after her departure would also change. 16 years later, the pair are about to team up once more, and Green has one particular reason that she’s scared to tackle her next film Dirty Angels alongside Martin Campbell.

When I spoke with Green for her upcoming horror film Nocebo, she clued me into the project’s existence, as well as her excitement to be working with Campbell yet again. The reason that she’s scared to dive into Dirty Angels is nothing sinister, but something that many an actor has had to face at one point or another. Here’s what Eva Green told CinemaBlend when it became to why this next film is such a fearsome prospect: 

I’m working with Martin Campbell again, which is very funny. … We are gonna be reunited! Working in a month on a film called Dirty Angels, where I play an American soldier who’s going back to Afghanistan. So that will be interesting. I’m scared [with] the American accent and all this; but it’s a great script, really. I feel very lucky that I can play that kind of character, an American soldier. It’s like a fantasy, so I hope it’ll be ok.

Considering all of the challenges that an actor could be afraid of, nailing an American accent is both not that horrific and obvious fodder for anxiety. However, when talking about reuniting with Martin Campbell for the first time since the film that kicked off Daniel Craig’s 007 era, Eva Green couldn’t be happier. Adding a musical flourish when mentioning how they were about to be “rrre-u-nited,” her excitement was voiced clearly and infectiously.

Turning back to those accent concerns though, it’s an interesting fear to hear from Eva Green. Looking at her experiences with Casino Royale and even Nocebo pushing those respective performances into some harrowing moments, it could be seen as a relatively small concern. Then again, Dirty Angels sounds like it’s going to be an adventure to make, outside of Green’s accented anxiety. 

A project that’s been emerging into the public eye over the past couple of months, the picture just recently landed former Batwoman actor Ruby Rose in its ensemble cast. Per details that came from THR, the movie’s overall story is described as follows:

Written by Alissa Silverman, the fictional story is set against the backdrop of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021 and follows a group of female soldiers providing medical relief who are sent back in to rescue a group of kidnapped teenagers caught between ISIS and the Taliban.

Dirty Angels isn’t supposed to start production until next month, so there’s plenty of time for Eva Green to nail her American accent. In addition, of course, to whatever other thrills and spills are required in this action extravaganza. Though it might be a good idea for Green to consult with her new co-star, as Ruby Rose has had quite a bit of experience turning her Australian accent into something sounding stateside.

Eva Green fans are in luck, as Nocebo opens in theaters this weekend, which will be followed by its digital and VOD release on November 22nd. After that, the film will head to its streaming home of Shudder at an undetermined point in 2023. Though if you’re primed to revisit Green’s portrayal of Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale, that title is streaming for those with a Netflix subscription, at the time of this publication. 

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