After Quitting Batwoman, Ruby Rose Now Says There's Another Reason For Her Exit

Ruby Rose as Kate Kane on Batwoman

When it was announced that Ruby Rose would be departing The CW’s Batwoman after a single season, rumors began to swirl in regard to the reason she was choosing to hang up her Batsuit. While some believed it was due to behind-the-scenes conflicts, others speculated that it was because of an injury she suffered while filming the superhero series. While the actress previously stated that her choice was based on the strains of being the lead of a show, she’s now speaking out about at least one other reason she exited the Arrowverse series.

Suiting up as a superhero may seem like a dream come true for most, but wearing the costume sometimes comes at a price. During a recent appearance on Australia’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show, Ruby Rose, who portrayed lead character Kate Kane, opened up about one aspect of filming the show that made things unpleasant for her. And it doesn't sound pretty:

I did find out that I was allergic to latex, and unfortunately, my cowl, which is the mask, is latex. And I was getting worse and worse, because as you get more contact with it, I guess you get more reactions. And eventually, I took off the cowl at the end, and my whole face was just hives. My throat was all messed up. … It was like it was out of a scary movie.

It's not surprising that Ruby Rose would want to leave Batwoman because of her latex allergy. Superhero costumes are uncomfortable enough just to get into, so an allergy would only add another cumbersome element to the superhero suit. In addition, Rose has mentioned the quick turnaround between recovering from surgery and getting back to work as a reason for her departure. So with all of this, one can understand her decision to step down from the role.

Last year, soon after Ruby Rose's exit, a source close to the show reported that it wasn’t her decision to leave the series, not entirely, at least. Reports alleged that she didn’t adjust well to living in Vancouver (which is where the show films) and that she didn't like working the long hours needed to lead a TV drama. So this somewhat matches up with the actress' sentiments on the matter.

Of course, later that summer, it was announced that Javicia Leslie would take up the mantle as a new character, Ryan Wilder, and her debut in Season 2 has proven that she’s the perfect fit for Batwoman. Although it’s possible that Kate Kane could make a return to Gotham, in her original form, Ruby Rose has been very supportive of Leslie. Still, it will be interesting to see if Rose ever chooses to return to the Arrowverse. But for now, she has her hands full with other projects that (hopefully) won't cause her to break out in hives.

Batwoman returns for its third season on Wednesday, October 13 on The CW.

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