Why Playing Big Brother Was 'Not Fun At All' For Season 23’s Azah Awasum

Azah Awasum was a big fan of Big Brother before she became a cast member, and it’s possible she’ll continue to be one in the years that follow. Fans may think that playing the game is a lifelong dream, but according to the third-place finisher of Season 23, it was “not fun at all.” 

I got a chance to speak to Azah Awasum following the finale of Big Brother, and we spoke about some of the events she went through in the house and the game in general. When I asked her as a longtime fan if she actually enjoyed playing Big Brother this season, she told me why it wasn’t a great experience overall.

No, oh my gosh, not fun at all. I mean, my first week I was like–I mean my first week dealing with Frenchie I was ready to go! I watch this show and I am so entertained by the shenanigans and the craziness that happens. I’m so entertained by people, you know, making ridiculous decisions. But when you’re in the house, you become those people making those ridiculous decisions... Yes, you have the pool every couple of days. Yes, you have food that magically appears in your refrigerator every week. But, each week, somebody gets evicted. And with that being said, with that being the only thing you have to worry about each week? Your perception of everything changes completely.

Watching Big Brother and playing Big Brother are entirely different things. Azah Awasum mentioned in her bio ahead of the game that she idolized players like Season 4 Houseguests Jun Song and Alison Irwin, but appreciating watching their journey didn't mean that she appreciated her own. It didn’t take long in the house for Awasum to realize she couldn’t be like her favorite players because decisions she made impacted the people she cared about in the house. 

Azah Awasum told CinemaBlend she ultimately decided to play an open and transparent game and believed the social strength she gained in that gameplay helped her go as far as she did in the game. She won Part 2 of the Final HOH competition and ultimately only lost to winner Xavier Prather in the Part 3 trivia competition by one point. Prather then chose to take Derek Frazier to the Final Two instead of Awasum, which meant she became the final member of the jury. The jury unanimously voted Prather as the winner of Big Brother 23 and the first Black Houseguest in the American version of the show to win the game.

The experience of Azah Awasum may be a message to those hoping to play Big Brother one day, and that’s “expect the unexpected.” Awasum obviously had to change her entire outlook on her strategy when she entered the house, and future Houseguests like her will undoubtedly do the same. 

Big Brother is done for the season at CBS (opens in new tab), but casting is underway for Season 24, and Big Brother: Celebrity Edition is set to premiere in February. Be sure to stick with CinemaBlend for more on reality television, such as how Dancing With The Stars may need to re-think its COVID policy after its latest episode.

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