Big Brother 23 Spoilers: Signs Point To Who Will Probably Be Evicted In Week 11

Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds as of Wednesday, September 22nd. Read at your own risk!

Big Brother Season 23 is down to the Final Four, and a big decision looms over the house. Xavier Prather has won what’s been called “the most important HOH” in the series and even won the veto, which has ensured his nomination of Azah Awasum and Kyland Young stayed the same for now. Now all that’s left to do is to vote, but who will go home this week?

The Final Four Head of Household is always a tricky one to navigate because the sole voter can do whatever they want without much consequence. Derek Frazier is in sole control of that vote for now, but who will he vote to evict? Here’s what we’ve heard so far and some of the decisions that could come up that may impact this big upcoming decision.

Kyland Young surprised Big Brother CBS

Kyland Young Will Probably Be Evicted In Week 11

Kyland Young knew that the minute he lost the veto he was a fool to have trusted Xavier Prather the week prior. Kyland had the Head of Household the week prior and a chance to get his teammate out of the game, but foolishly believed Xavier intended to take him to the Final Three with Derek Frazier. In hindsight, it likely made perfect sense to Kyland that Xavier would rather take Derek and Azah Awasum to the end, considering his in-game contributions exceed there’s. Things aren’t looking good for Kyland, but might it be a little too soon to count him out just yet?

Xavier and Kyland hugging Big Brother CBS

Could Kyland Be Saved From Eviction?

Kyland has one option to save himself right now, and that would be to appeal to Derek Frazier to evict Azah Awasum over him. Truth be told, there’s a possibility that could happen, especially considering Azah and Derek have had a few fights over the past week about who deserves credit for game moves. Azah claimed she’s stayed in the house via her loyalty to others and social gameplay, while Derek claimed Azah’s only around because he protected her. The two had a heated discussion about this, and neither backed down. I don’t think it’s safe to assume the two still have each others' backs going forward.

Additionally, Derek Frazier committed to the Final Three deal he forged with Kyland Young and Xavier Prather. Derek wants to save Kyland, and while saving Azah may give him more of a chance in the Final 3, he already was at peace with sending her home for Final Four. Derek suggested saving Kyland earlier in the week, and the mere suggestion already gave Xavier enough pause that it seems he’s considered using the veto to give Azah the sole vote over Derek to ensure he gets his way.

The thing is, though, there’s really no guaranteeing Azah would vote out Kyland either. If Azah or Derek want to see the Final Two, then it would make the most sense for them to save Kyland because they already know Xavier would rather not take him. Kyland likely won’t take Xavier either, especially after Xavier’s attempted betrayal, so the smart thing to do would be to let the two battle it out in the end, then take your chances with the jury vote.

If everyone who played Big Brother made the best decisions though, I wouldn’t be able to write articles like this. Thus far, it doesn’t appear like either Derek Frazier or Azah Awasum intend to keep Kyland Young, though it’s also worth noting they wouldn’t vocalize that to anyone but the live feed cameras, anyway. Until the veto ceremony happens, I, of course, can’t really say for sure what the sole vote will do, but personally, I’m rooting for the saving Kyland option, if only because a Final Three of Xavier, Azah, and Derek F would likely be an anti-climatic showdown. Who knows though? We could be surprised in the next week!

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