After Playing The Prime Minister In Love Actually, Hugh Grant Is Twitter's Hilarious Choice To Take Over For Boris Johnson

Hugh Grant dancing in Love Actually
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British politics has been having a bit of a wild time of late as Prime Minister Boris Johnson has officially stepped down from that role, leaving the position vacant. Who will take over as the new PM isn’t clear at the moment, but if anybody is curious what Twitter thinks, they are officially in favor of appointing Hugh Grant. He did such a fantastic job in the gig in Love Actually, after all.

Many actors have played the British Prime Minister on the screen but it seems that Hugh Grant’s version of the character from the popular romantic Christmas movie has become a front runner among those that would like to see life imitate art. Tweets suggesting Grant as the new PM have become very popular on the social media site.

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In the super popular, for some reason Love, Actually, Hugh Grant plays a brand new Prime Minister who is just taking office during the holidays. He has a bit of trouble finding his footing, but he eventually gives a rousing speech that puts the American President in his place and gets the support of the British people in a big way. He’s also able to find love along the way.

Hugh Grant is one of those actors that it seems it can actually be difficult not to like. He just seems so generally pleasant to be around, which is not a feeling one tends to get from politicians. It’s no wonder people would like to see that character become Prime Minister, because to be fair, it’s not really Grant people want to see in the role, it’s that character.

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It’s all in good fun, of course. Nobody is really hoping Hugh Grant becomes the Prime Minister. That would be crazy, right? Well, maybe not as crazy as it might seem. As one person notes on Twitter, Grant, who played the villain in the globally adored Paddington 2, would not be the first person in that film to obtain an executive office of a country. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was the voice of Paddington in Ukraine, so maybe there’s a connection. 

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Of course, speaking of Paddington, he’s also a pretty popular character in the UK, and everywhere else, right now, so it looks like, if Twitter is going to decide the next Prime Minister, Hugh Grant is going to have his work cut out for him. For what it’s worth the actor probably won’t mind, as Hugh Grant loves Paddington 2 as much as anybody

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Whoever the next PM is, it probably won’t be Hugh Grant. Maybe, if the person wants to get the public on their side, however, they should consider dancing to the Pointer Sisters. It worked for Grant. 

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