Alec Baldwin Continues To Struggle With Rust Death In Painful New Video Message

Alec Baldwin as Robert Henderson on Dr. Death
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In the months that have passed since the tragic death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust, the aftermath of those events have reinforced the need to get to the bottom of what happened. Actor Alec Baldwin continues to struggle with that death, and in a painful new video message, he reflects on the encounters he’s had in recent days, highlighting both the positive and the negative.

As the new year is still fresh on everyone’s mind, the latest from Baldwin’s Instagram account keeps the holiday firmly in mind. Hoping to move forward into 2022 with a positive mindset, as well as the hope that the investigation surrounding the prop gun misfire that led to Ms. Hutchins’ untimely death, the actor told some stories about fans and detractors alike reaching out. Take a look at Alec Baldwin’s video message, below: 

Alec Baldwin continues to be open and vocal about his reaction to Halyna Hutchins’ death, as well as the investigation that continues to look into the greater picture surrounding what allowed it to happen. With this fatal shooting came a continued air of regret and sadness from Baldwin himself, and it doesn’t seem that his reaction has dulled in its sorrow. Acknowledging how fans have given him messages of encouragement, but also paying mind to those who have not been so positive, the actor isn't neglecting either side of the spectrum of reaction to the late October tragedy.

The entertainment industry at large also hasn't taken this chance at change for granted. If Rust’s horrific history has provided any silver lining, it’s the fact that productions in both TV and movies have started to pledge not to use real guns on set. Dwayne Johnson has been one of the vocal proponents for such measures, with the sentiment growing in support over time. Though the search for answers has also led to others in the industry to provide their own commentary on what happened. 

Smallville’s John Schneider recently provided his own insight into the style of pistol involved in Rust’s shooting accident. The video, meant to show the workings of the same sort of Colt firearm that was present on the set, apparently refutes Alec Baldwin’s claim that the gun with off without his pulling the trigger. With the investigation continuing, Baldwin’s upset over what happened, as well as his gracious thanks to his fans, have both been more evident than ever during this holiday season.

Whatever changes, legal proceedings, or judgements may result from Halyna Hutchins’ unfortunate death on the set of Rust, all anyone can hope for is a peaceful resolution as to what happened, and improved safeguards that try to prevent it from ever happening again. As these matters are ongoing, this story is far from a definitive conclusion. So those interested in learning more about the full story will have to continue to monitor the situation, as updates could occur at any time.

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