How Alec Baldwin Is Reportedly Coping After Halyna Hutchins’ Death

Alec Baldwin as Alan Hunley in Mission: Impossible - Fallout
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It’s always sad when there is a loss of life, and an untimely death resulting from an accident makes that loss weigh a little heavier. Halyna Hutchins tragically lost her life on the set of the western Rust after star Alec Baldwin discharged a firearm being used as a prop. Hutchins was working behind the camera as the cinematographer, and the director Joel Sauza was injured as well. Baldwin has since spoken out about the tragic accident, and now a source reveals just how Baldwin seems to be coping with the difficult reality of being the person whose handled the prop gun that ended Hutchins’ life. 

As the accident is still very fresh, authorities continue to investigate just what happened to cause such an unthinkable tragedy. Alec Baldwin has been open about cooperating with authorities, and now it seems he is dealing with some serious trauma from the accident. According to People’s source, Baldwin is leaning on his family for support through the difficult time. This is what is said of the actor’s coping strategy and space of mind right now:

It's such an unthinkable tragedy and the grief and trauma for him are unbearable. Alec is still in shock and his heart is completely broken. He is doing his best to cope and is leaning on Hilaria and the kids for support.

The bulk of the focus and misfortune here, of course, goes to Halyna Hutchins and her family during this time. However, everyone on set that day also shares in the devastation of the accident. Hutchins was deeply loved and the trauma that comes from seeing a violent accident occur to anyone, let alone someone you work closely with, is intense. In addition to Alec Baldwin, other actors have spoken out about the loss of Hutchins and how much of a light she was, and I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone who present when the accident happened were ushered toward some type of counseling for the trauma resulting from the accident.

This type of accident has indeed happened before. It’s almost impossible to think about this accident and not correlate it to the accidental shooting that happened on set of The Crow, resulting in the death of Brandon Lee back in 1993. The 28-year gap between accidents makes the problem pretty rare, but some sets are taking even higher precautions to protect its people now that the issue has surfaced once more. Hopefully no one else has to share the same fate as Brandon Lee and Halyna Hutchins.

Production has halted on the Alec Baldwin and Jensen Ackles-led Rust, and it’s unclear as to whether it will ever start back up. Our hearts go out to the friends and family of Halyna Hutchins, as well as Baldwin and everyone else who was on set when the accident happened. Here's hoping they all receive the mental health help they need after facing such a traumatic event.

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