Amber Heard Has Quite The Theory For Where The Poop In Johnny Depp's Bed Came From

The ongoing legal battle between former spouses Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has yielded a plethora of information, as both sides have made major assertions about the other. This week marks a major development for the defamation case, as Amber Heard has taken to the stand to be cross examined. Thus far, she’s been questioned about a few topics, one of which is the infamous pooping incident. Depp previously alleged that Heard was responsible for the feces, but she’s now offered up quite a theory for how the poop ended up in the bed that the two once shared. 

For those who need a bit of context, it was in 2018 that Johnny Depp first asserted that Amber Heard or one of her friends left poop on his side of the bed. The situation reportedly happened following an argument that took place between the two in 2016. The dispute was related to Depp allegedly being late for Heard’s 30th birthday party before leaving quickly. It’s been said that a housekeeper found the soiled sheets sometime later and ultimately informed the Pirates of the Caribbean alum.

The Aquaman alum initially claimed that the poop belonged to the couple’s Yorkshire terriers, though her ex shot down that claim. He apparently believed that the feces was too big to be produced by the small dogs. Now, the actress is doubling down on the canine theory. According to TMZ, she said during the defamation case that one of their dogs was experiencing bowel problems at the time - due to having eaten weed. As she puts it, the dog, Boo, came into contact with marijuana that allegedly belonged to her former husband. She also added that she saw both of their dogs getting into their bed before she and her friends set off for Coachella. 

As of this writing, Johnny Depp’s legal team has not responded to this latest theory. When the situation was addressed in 2020, Depp stated that it was his understanding that the feces was planted as a “harmless joke.” The actor also stated that he found the situation to be “so strange” that he ended up laughing about it.

The defamation case has included more purported details on the incident, as the actor’s longtime chauffeur alleged that he spoke with Amber Heard about the “joke.” During his testimony, the driver, Starling Jenkins III, alleged that Heard expressed regret over the reported incident.

This situation has been a major topic of discussion among those who’ve been keeping track of the lengthy legal battle. In 2020, photos of poop in the bed surfaced on the web and went viral as a result. The incident has also entered the pop culture zeitgeist in another way, as Saturday Night Live lampooned it in a sketch this past weekend.

It goes without saying that this is certainly an interesting theory on Amber Heard’s part, and many will likely be waiting intently to hear how Johnny Depp responds. Of course, this incident involving bodily waste is ultimately just a small part of the larger case at hand. We’ll just have to wait and see how things continue to progress. 

Erik Swann
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