SNL Did A Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Sketch, And Of Course It Was About The Pooping Incident

Kyle Mooney dressed as Johnny Depp on the witness stand during an SNL sketch.
(Image credit: NBC/ SNL)

The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial is still pushing forward and getting wilder by the day. The ex-co-stars and ex-spouses have both taken the witness stand and accused each other of all manners of shocking behavior, but arguably, the wildest allegation is still Depp’s claim that Heard got angry and pooped in their bed. We still don’t definitively know what happened, but that hasn’t stopped the Internet from speculating wildly, and it didn’t stop Saturday Night Live this week from opening the show with a sketch about the smelly incident. 

The sketch is framed as an MSNBC update on the trial. Kate McKinnon plays MSNBC anchor Nicole Wallace who opines about how fascinated we all are with the trial and how happy we all are it’s not us involved. She then cuts to a clip that features Depp (Kyle Mooney) on the witness stand. His attorney (Aidy Bryant) introduces a video of the staff finding the poop inside Depp’s bed, and the judge (Cecily Strong) allows it because we obviously all want to see it. You can check it out below...

Ordinarily Saturday Night Live takes whatever is happening in real life and tries to amplify it in order to create comedy, but there is nothing about the Heard/ Depp case that needs to be amplified or grown. Everyone is already fascinated by what’s happening, and each week, it seems to be getting even stranger. One moment someone is accusing the other of really tragic and upsetting things, and the next moment an expert witness is going super viral for letting out and then admitting to a particularly loud and aggressive fart during her testimony.

The trial has been on a brief hiatus but will continue this week. Amber Heard’s sister is expected to take the witness stand, and observers are looking very closely at what she’s going to say. She’s potentially both a positive and a negative for each side, given she was allegedly around for several abusive incidents. Expect each side to question her about very different things.

As far as SNL goes, last night was the second to last episode of the season and featured Only Murders In The Building star Selena Gomez as host for the first time. She was joined by musical star Post Malone, and while she didn’t appear in the cold open above, she got plenty of chances to shine in a variety of sketches including one where she played a Bratz Doll, another where she played a local talk show host and another as an understudy in way over her head.

SNL will return for its season finale next weekend with Russian Doll star Natasha Lyonne taking up hosting duties. She’ll be joined by musical guest Japanese Breakfast. It should be a great show. No word yet no whether it’ll be the last show for any particular cast members, but expect to hear plenty of speculation on that front this summer. 

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