Dungeons And Dragons’ Immersive Comic-Con Experience Shows First Looks At Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez Characters

Dungeons and Dragons Tavern at San Diego Comic-Con 2022
(Image credit: Future/Sarah El-Mahmoud)

As fans of Dungeons & Dragons know, a successful game campaign is all about immersion in storytelling. At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, the upcoming Paramount movie based on the  beloved tabletop RPG, that’s exactly the route the studio is going with introducing the film. Tucked away in the Gaslamp Quarter across the way from the San Diego Convention Center, adventurers to the con can experience Chris Pine’s movie in an exciting way. 

The Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Tavern Experience, which is located at the corner of Sixth Avenue and Island Avenue and open to the public, offers us a first glimpse about what to perhaps expect from the 2023 movie release and a fun, geeky bar experience in the heart of Comic-Con. And upon entering the 20-minute experience, there is an awesome sneak peek of a few of the cast’s looks. Check it out: 

Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez and Rege-Jean Page in Dungeons & Dragons at Tavern experience at San Diego Comic Con 2022

(Image credit: Future/Sarah El-Mahmoud)

In a short clip in framed screens as you wait in line and enter the tavern itself, the experience reveals what class each of the Dungeons & Dragons cast will be playing. Based on the symbols next to their names, Star Trek actor Chris Pine looks to be playing a bard, Fast & Furious’ Michelle Rodriguez will be a barbarian and Bridgerton’s Regé-Jean Page will be a paladin. Additionally the clip includes Detective Pikachu’s Justice Smith, who will be a sorcerer, IT’s Sophia Lillis as a druid and Hugh Grant as a rogue. 

Once you find yourself inside the tavern halls, there’s a rather moody and creepy air about the room as you meet a set of statues of beasts in the “hall of monsters.” It’s there where we find the first tease of a mysterious “gelatinous cube” to "beware" of. Yes, Gelatinous cube: 

Dungeons & Dragons SDCC 2022 tavern experience

(Image credit: Future/Sarah El-Mahmoud)

It then leads you to the main location of the tavern experience where Queen’s “Radio Gaga” blasts and there is also photo ops inside the gelatinous cube itself! You can sip glow-in-the-dark drinks served such as the house Dragon’s Brew and similarly green mojito shots. Dragon’s Brew is the tavern’s refreshing take on a Moscow Mule, as it includes fresh lime juice, orange extract, ginger beer, simple syrup and protective elixir essence. You can take the drink with or without vodka. 

The real kicker that makes the Dungeons & Dragons experience the most memorable is a massive projection of the beasts we’ve been warned about making an appearance during the experience. Smoke, commotion and various actors (you can interact with) within the tavern getting super stressed out about the beast definitely has me interested and excited about the action within the movie. 

monster in Dungeons & Dragons from tavern experiences at San Diego Comic-Con

(Image credit: Future/Sarah El-Mahmoud)

Overall, this experience really got me intrigued for a movie I knew nothing about other than a few quick things announced over the years such as its cast and it being written/directed by John Francis Daley & Jonathan Goldstein of Freaks & Geeks. It seems as though it will be family friendly and really build out the world of DnD into a cinematic experience. 

If you’re planning to check out the Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Tavern Experience in San Diego, it will be open on Thursday, July 21 from 12pm – 10pm, Friday, July 22 from 10am – 8pm and Saturday, July 23 from 10am – 8pm PT. We’ll also be learning more about the movie itself at the Comic-Con panel for the film on Thursday afternoon. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is set to hit theaters on March 3, 2023. 

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