Emily Blunt Clarifies Comments About Tom Cruise Calling Her A ‘P***y’ On Edge Of Tomorrow Set

Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow
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Emily Blunt has established herself as a legitimate action star over the years, thanks to movies like Sicario and Disney’s Jungle Cruise. Her greatest contribution to the genre, however, may be her turn in one of the best sci-fi movies of all time, Doug Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow. The actress recently shared a behind-the-scenes story from the set, which involved co-star Tom Cruise telling her to “stop being such a pussy.” Apparently, some people took the sentiment a certain way and, as a result, Blunt has stepped up to clarify her comments. 

During an appearance on the Smartless podcast, the Devil Wears Prada icon recalled that the BTS moment occurred when she was having problems with her costume. Those who’ve seen the movie know that she and Tom Cruise had to sport bulky armored outfits that the actress says weighed about 85 pounds. The first time she tried on her suit, she apparently couldn’t handle the heaviness and began to cry. After she expressed her discomfort to Cruise, he stared for a while before making the aforementioned declaration. 

The “pussy” statement may sound blunt (no pun intended) on the surface, but the starlet says that people are getting the wrong impression about it. Following less-than-positive reactions to the story, Emily Blunt released a statement in which she shot down claims that her co-star was being rude: 

It's ludicrous that it's being spun as something that offended me. It didn't. I shared the story as lightheartedly as it was meant by Tom.

According to the star, she didn’t feel insulted following the exchange with Tom Cruise. She says that, in the moment, it was actually a jovial sentiment from her colleague. In the message that was shared with E! News, the actress spoke about the kind of relationship that she and Cruise have:

I absolutely adore Tom, he's a dear friend and he was a total gem to me. It was said as a joke to make me laugh, which it did in a big way. And it's still something we laugh about to this day.

That level of closeness may be one of the biggest reasons why the two would still love to do a sequel to Doug Liman’s 2014 time-loop centric flick. The stars’ level of optimism regarding the potential production has varied over the years. In 2021, Liman said that Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt’s packed schedules were keeping the production from happening. Blunt also cast doubts on a sequel last year, citing a potentially weighty budget as the reason. Still, as we’ve seen, nothing is truly impossible in Hollywood. I’d personally love to see the creative team reunite for a follow-up, if only to hear more about off-camera exchanges between Blunt and Cruise later on.

You can buy or rent Edge of Tomorrow using an Amazon Prime Video subscription, and read up on other behind-the-scenes tidbits on Live Die Repeat.

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