Fans Share Shock, Footage, As Fire Truck Rides Down Disney World’s Main Street USA To Combat Real Fire

Happily Ever After fireworks at Magic Kingdom
(Image credit: Walt Disney World)

Normally, when you see some big massive thing coming down Main Street U.S.A, it’s a parade float that includes some of your favorite Disney characters who will smile at you and wave. Unfortunately, parades are still mostly missing from Disney Parks, and when something big came down Main Street one night earlier this week at Walt Disney World, it was actual fire trucks. 

There was a fire inside Magic Kingdom earlier this week. And while the fire was small and easily dealt with, it resulted in a scene that, for many, might have been more shocking than the fire, actual fire trucks driving down the main thoroughfare of the park. 

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The fire was so small that these guests almost certainly had no idea what was actually happening, which, if anything, might have made the presence of the trucks more ominous. There have certainly been issues like fires inside theme parks before, though they're rarely significant, and they usually don’t result in a scene like this. Quite frequently we don’t even know they happened until after the fact.

The fire trucks are from the Reedy Creek Fire Department, which is part of the Reedy Creek Improvement District, the municipal body that was created by the state of Florida specifically to manage the area encompassing Walt Disney World. It was created mostly because part of the original plan for Disney World was going to include an actual city, EPCOT

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As far as what actually led to firetrucks on Main Street U.S.A., while the exact cause of the fire has not been confirmed by Disney, a small fire started in a mulched area near the castle moat. According to reporter Scott Gustin, the fire was so inconsequential that it was put out by a single fire extinguisher, and so clearly was no real danger to anybody or anything.

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In fact, it wasn’t actually the fire itself that caused the emergency response to drive down Main Street. Instead, it seems the security guard that put out the fire inhaled some fumes from the fire extinguisher, and it was them being transported out of the park. Though it was a non-emergency situation.

It’s certainly good news that this was a minor issue and that there was no serious damage and it sounds like the security guard is fine and was taken as a precaution more than anything. And for those people that happened to be looking forward to evening fireworks, they got treated to an extra show, the sort of thing few people have ever seen in the park. 

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