Jared Leto Shares Update On How Much 'Closer' Tron 3 Is

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For some time now, the world has wondered just what is going on with the next Tron movie. Several years have passed since Jared Leto was first courted for the spinoff that won’t be a third film in the Flynn family storyline we’ve previously followed. Recently, Leto was asked yet again about where his chapter in the Disney legacy franchise currently stands, and he shared an update that indicated it might be “closer” than you’d think. 

Jared Leto’s Update On His Tron Movie

That one word was the crux of this message, which came from a recent discussion between Jared Leto and ScreenRant. Playing the situation as vaguely as you’d expect, the Morbius star did still sound optimistic. Keeping hope alive for The User, this is what Leto had to say: 

I'm a super fan of Tron, and we are working hard on Tron with our incredible partners at Disney. Just an amazing group of creative people. We're getting closer. We're getting closer and closer, and who knows? Something may be [coming] sooner than later.

The last major updates on Tron’s next potential cinematic outing saw a new script by Jessie Wigutow, as well as the hiring of Lion director Garth Davis, constituting large steps forward. Shortly after that update broke, Jared Leto’s Tron workout started back in September 2020. What’s more, there were some rumors that started to crop up towards the end of last year that could support the world being “closer” to seeing production officially commence on the movie rumored to be named Tron: Ares.

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Why The Next Tron Movie Might Be Closer Than We Think

Here’s where things get kind of interesting, thanks to a rumor/sighting from The DisInsider. Last December, this rumor mill for all things Disney allegedly spotted the legacy location of Flynn’s Arcade sporting some new branding. Pegging the film to be “far ahead in development” around that same time, an early 2022 shoot was speculated to be in the works. Though we aren’t any closer to learning if that’s true or not, it would make sense for Tron’s next installment to try and fly under the radar. 

The basic components seem to be in place for this franchise’s future to take off. While it doesn’t sound like we’ll be getting a teaser trailer anytime soon, the “something” that might be coming may be the official announcement that all systems are go. More than likely, Disney would want to wait until Morbius fever has died down so as not to step in the way of the franchise adjacent to Marvel Cinematic Universe. Of course, without any concrete evidence, this is merely a huge speculation.

As it stands, we’ll get to see Jared Leto playing the superpowered vampire Morbius on the big screen starting April 1st. That film and more await on the schedule of 2022 movie releases that will continue to brighten theaters throughout the rest of the year. However, if all of this Tron talk has you feeling nostalgic, you can catch the entire legacy on Disney+. 

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