Disney's Tron Sequel Just Took A Major Step Forward

While it may not be one of Disney’s most universally popular franchises, the Tron film series has amassed a devoted fanbase since the first installment hit theaters in 1982. The 2010 sequel, Tron: Legacy, would receive mixed reactions but still left fans (and creatives) wanting more. Things began to heat up when it was reported that Jared Leto would star in and produce a third Tron film with Disney and, now, the film has taken an even bigger step to becoming a reality.

Tron 3 has reportedly tapped Garth Davis as its director, per Deadline. Tron 3 would mark the first big-budget project for Davis who is mostly known for directing smaller films like Mary Magdalene and Best Picture nominee Lion. Despite this, the trade mentions that Davis reportedly sought after the job hard, and Disney execs were ultimately pleased with his vision for the project.

Garth Davis will direct from a script that was most recently polished by Jesse Wigutow. Jared leto will also produce alongside Justin Springer and Emma Ludbrook. As of right now, the film has no set release date.

Davis is an intriguing choice for the Tron franchise, but the fact that an indie filmmaker was able to convince Disney of his vision for a sci-fi series like Tron speaks to his passion and skill. And based on his past work, it goes without saying that he knows how to tell stories with compelling characters.

The original Tron centered on the character of Kevin Flynn (played by Jeff Bridges), a brilliant computer designer, who was ousted from computer corporation ENCOM. With the help of his friends and former co-workers, Flynn would re-enter the company to get proof that he was unfairly fired, only to get trapped in the Grid, thanks to the evil Master Control Program (MCP). There he’d meet up with security program Tron (played by Bruce Boxleitner), along with a number of other programs who assist him in his battle against the MCP and his journey to return to the real world.

Although Tron failed to make a serious impact at the box office, the film was praised by critics and audiences for its performances and visual effects. The film’s cult following is arguably what led Disney to greenlight the follow-up, which saw Garrett Hedlund take the lead role as Sam Flynn, the son of the original protagonist, who was joined by Olivia Wilde’s Quorra. Bridges and Boxleitner would also reprise their roles. In the film, Sam reunites with his thought-to-be-lost father in the Grid, and they join forces to take down Kevin Flynn’s rogue security program, Clu.

Aside from film projects, the Grid also made its way to the small screen in the form of Tron: Uprising, an animated series set in between the events of the first two films.

Plot details on Tron 3 are currently being kept tightly under wraps, but Legacy left more than a few plot threads unresolved. This includes the ultimate fate of Quorra, who returned with same to the real world after their battle with Clu. There’s also the matter of Cillian Murphy’s Edward Dillinger Jr., an ENCOM’s head software designer and the son of the disgraced exec from the original film.

It’ll be interesting to see what Garth Davis, Jared Leto and their collaborators come up with for Tron 3, especially when you consider how much potential this franchise. With any luck, viewers won’t have to wait too long before they see light cycles gliding across the big screen again.

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