John Candy's Kids Respond After Ryan Reynolds Confirms He's Making A Movie About The Comedian

In the history of cinema, there have been a number of notable actors who’ve managed to leave indelible marks on the hearts and minds of audiences, and John Candy was certainly one of them. The beloved star, known fondly for his roles in movies such as Uncle Buck and Planes, Trains and Automobiles passed away in 1994, though his legacy is alive and well. In fact, fellow Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds recently revealed that he’s making a movie about Candy (which I’m now very excited for). And shortly after he delivered the news, Candy’s kids shared some responses. 

Ryan Reynolds felt compelled to make the announcement on Twitter after seeing that John Candy was trending. The actor didn’t hesitate to show his love for Candy before explaining that he and his production company, Maximum Effort, have teamed up with Colin Hanks for a doc on Candy’s life. Reynolds finished out his tweet by simply saying, “Expect tears,” and I’d honestly expect nothing less. 

Of course, that news was only made sweeter by the responses from the Candy family. Christopher Candy retweeted the Deadpool star’s message and sweetly confirmed that the project is in the works. Check out his tweet down below: 

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His sister, Jennifer Candy, retweeted the post as well and gave Ryan Reynolds and his collaborators a glowing endorsement. You can check out her message for yourself as well:

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John Candy has been fondly remembered by his family on a number of occasions. For instance, Jennifer once said that Candy was actually a lot like the titular Uncle Buck. As she put it, the actor was “very serious, stern, tough love” but also “knew how to have a good time.” The city of Toronto, Candy’s hometown, also honored him a few years back by designating a day in his memory. Surely, these are some of the things that will be discussed in the upcoming documentary.

One would also expect the feature to include anecdotes from some of the late performer’s esteemed co-stars, many of whom have shared their memories of him before. John Candy’s Spaceballs co-star Bill Pullman recalled the comic’s costume being problematic for the production. But Pullman noted that Candy never complained and pushed through like a trooper. Ron Howard, who directed the star in Splash, also humorously recalled the time that Candy got drunk with Jack Nicholson before having to come to set to shoot a racquetball scene. Meanwhile, Planes, Trains and AutomobilesSteve Martin revealed he still gets emotional when thinking about shooting the comedy’s heartwarming ending with Candy.

If you’re getting teary-eyed now, then chances are you might be an emotional wreck when the documentary debuts – and no one would blame you for that at all. It’s exciting and fitting that the celebrated comedian would be the center of a doc, and it’s lovely that Ryan Reynolds and co. have the support of the Candy family amidst the endeavor.

While you wait for the documentary, do yourself a favor and stream some of the best John Candy movies.

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