Johnny Depp Allegedly Can't Stand When People Knock On His Door On Movie Sets, Per New Report

While it’s now been a bit over a year since the beginning of the defamation trial between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife, Amber Heard, I think it’s probably fair to say that many people still have at least somewhat mixed feelings about the Pirates of the Caribbean star. Fans have loved his ability to channel his talents into a number of wild characters with considerable quirks, but it was a few years ago that word started to come out about the actor himself having a propensity for intriguing behavior when filming. Now, we’re hearing that he, apparently, hates it when people knock on his trailer door on movie sets.

What’s Being Said About Johnny Depp Hating It When People Knock On His Door On Set?

It’ll likely be some time yet before we see the possibly-not-former Jack Sparrow return to lead major, family-friendly, potential blockbusters, but he has returned to work, and has a new film, Jeanne du Barry, set to debut at the Cannes Film Festival, as the opening night movie. The director/star of that movie, Maïwenn, recently opened up to French Premiere (via The Hollywood Reporter) about getting on Depp’s bad side after ignoring the on-set edict to not knock on his dressing room door. She needed to speak with him, and said of the incident:

One day, I did it anyway. And there, he made me understand that I had committed an unacceptable intrusion and asked me how I would have felt if he came knocking on my dressing room door. I replied that everyone does it all the time. Because that’s how a set works in France!

OK, OK. I get that this seems to go right up there with some of the other things we’ve heard about the one-time Fantastic Beasts star and his set behavior before. The reports of him staying in character during filming, and his partying, drug use, and the lateness that came from them are pretty well-known now, with one report saying that Kenneth Branagh had to tell Depp to show up on time or leave his Murder on the Orient Express, on the very first day of rehearsals.

Look, I’m sure I have basically nothing in common with Johnny Depp, and repeatedly showing up late to anything (especially when hundreds of people need you to be in a specific place at a certain time just to get their own jobs done) is never cool. However...yeah, I really get this whole door knock thing.

In theory, I get that if you’re filming a movie and the cast members have retired to their trailers/dressing rooms, a simple knock on their door to let them know they’re needed in some way makes sense. But, the process of filmmaking involves a lot of sitting around and waiting for actors, and I imagine that this would lead to a lot of door knocking during the course of what is likely a 12+ hour workday.

Just think of it this way. Can you imagine hanging out at home, watching TV, reading, trying to enjoy time with family/friends, and during your waking hours someone knocks on your door a couple of dozen times? I don’t know about you, but I would be fully insane before getting to knock number eight. And woe betide whoever came at me with knock 24, alright?

So, logically, I get the impulse to simply knock on his door. But, I also understand why it would bug the hell out of him. He would be expecting to be called back to set and/or needed in some way, sure, but he’d have no idea when, which might also be part of why he hates hearing a rap-tap-tapping on his door. Basically, I stand with Johnny on this one thing. Just like, send a text the next time you need us.

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