Johnny Depp’s Attorney Camille Vasquez Deemed ‘Wonder Woman’ After Helping An Elderly Person On A Flight

Screenshot of Johnny Depp's lawyer getting interviewed by Savannah Guthrie.
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Lawyer Camille Vasquez recently defended Johnny Depp from a defamation lawsuit and in the process became something of a celebrity herself. With so much of the trial being televised Vasquez has become a recognizable face, but now she’s being recognized for something very different and quite incredible as she apparently jumped to the rescue of a man having a medical emergency on an airplane. 

According to TMZ, Camille Vasquez was on a plane between New York and Los Angeles when a man in his 70s walked past her down the aisle. He apparently collapsed in front of her, and when a flight attendant called for help, both Vasquez and the bodyguard who was traveling with her jumped up and tended to the man.

Vasquez apparently got in touch with her brother who is a doctor and he walked her through checking him  to see if the man had suffered a heart attack or a brain bleed. The bodyguard put his own Apple Watch on the man in order to monitor the man’s heart rate, which is some quick thinking.

There was apparently a doctor on board the flight, and he reportedly came forward and took over tending to the man. The flight was forced to turn around and return to LAX, the man was taken off the flight by EMTs, he was apparently conscious when he left the plane. For her efforts, Camille Vasquez was apparently called “Wonder Woman” by one of the flight attendants, and she was gifted with a bottle of wine and a bottle of champagne as a thank you for helping out. 

Needless to say, this is a wild story, but it’s wonderful to see some good come out of it. It’s unclear just what happened to the man but the fact that Vasquez and her bodyguard did not hesitate to help a stranger is the sort of thing that warms the heart. Their attention may have been vital, and it can be so easy for people to just ignore others in need of help.

Camille Vasquez will likely remain in the public eye for sometime. She’s continuing to represent Johnny Depp, and will next defend him in court over allegations of assault. It’s alleged that Depp punched a crew member on the set of the film City of Lies back in 2018. 

There have even been suggestions that Depp and his lawyer are seeing each other socially, though that is not confirmed. Depp’s lawyer may also end up on the screen in some way herself. Considering the publicity the Depp and Heard trial received we could very easily see it dramatized in the future and Vasquez has even suggested who might play her if that happens. 

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