Nic Cage Says He Nearly Bought A Cave While Working On The National Treasure Movies (And He Had A Wild Reason For Wanting It)

Nicolas Cage in National Treasure
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It’s so satisfying to see actors who deserve some love get positive attention, and it seems like we are totally in an era of resurgences for stars who have previously stolen our hearts. While Brendan Fraser is in the midst of a Brenassiance, Nicolas Cage has also reached a kind of cult status, and is having a second (or third) wind in his career these days. On the heels of the actor playing himself in the semi-spoof film The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent all of the weird, eccentric rumors that have surrounded him are resurfacing. Now, Cage has confronted the rumor that he was going to buy a cave while working on National Treasure, and his reason for wanting it is wild.

Nic Cage's fanbase loves just how unapologetic he is about being himelf. The self-proclaimed goth owns a pet crow, has been on a real life treasure hunt and rewards fans who go all out for attention from the actor. During an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Cage talked about urban legends surrounding himself and admitted that while he didn’t actually buy a cave. Though being an avid spelunker at the time, as he explained, he definitely considered it Here is what the actor said about the cave itself:

I think we were in North Dakota, in the Black Hills, when we were shooting one of the Treasure movies. I said, 'I hear there's a cave for sale, let's go look at it.' And I did, and it was beautiful. … There were all these stalactites, and it was all like milky quartz, like crystalline walls.

First of all, if you see the actual video, Nic Cage’s metallic and shimmery silver suit is to die for. I can not get enough of the star’s latest styles, to which he has said are inspired from some things that he likes. I love this man and all of his suits, and I’m so happy he's living his best life right now. Second of all, I would love to be in the position in life where I hear something outrageous is for sale and my first reaction is, “Well, let’s take a look!” That goes double if buying said ridiculous thing is an actual option for me.

In the same interview, the star explained exactly why he would want the cave and what he would do with it. Apparently, his goal was to use it to spend some private time with his then-wife, Alice Kim. And though his plans may seem weird to some, I actually find them to be totally valid:

I'd like to buy this and just go down in the bottom of the cave and get totally naked with my wife and drink Nigori in the bottom of the cave in the earth. Needless to say, I didn’t buy the cave, it didn’t happen.

Nicolas Cage also explained that contrary to popular belief, the cave was not, in fact, full of bats. That would probably be a little much, admittedly. Of course, Cage didn’t end up buying the cave, which is probably a good thing since he's been married a couple times since. Cage married Riko Shibata in Vegas last year, and who knows how she’d feel about spelunking in a cave that her husband shared with his previous spouses.

Cave or not, though, I can’t get enough of Nic Cage just being himself and, luckily, fans like myself have even more to look foward to from him. The star is killing it right now and has plenty of projects lined up. For now, though, his most recently released film The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is available to see in theaters and, based on Rotten Tomatoes so far, moviegoers are loving it

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