After A Nic Cage Super Fan Hung Posters At SXSW Asking The Actor To Call Him, Nic Cage Did, And There’s Video

Nicolas Cage as Nicolas Cage in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent
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If you didn’t already think Nicolas Cage was one of the most stand-up guys in Hollywood, get ready to re-evaluate that opinion because Cage, arguably one of Hollywood’s most eclectic actors, just made one of his super fans’ dreams come true. After the star’s self-proclaimed biggest fan hung a poster with his phone number on it for Cage at South by Southwest Music and Film Interactive (SXSW), the fan actually received a phone call from exactly who he had hoped for. The fan didn’t keep the phone call just to himself, though, and we all get to enjoy it, because there’s a sweet video of their chat. 

Nicolas Cage is famous for just being himself at this point, and his upcoming movie The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is evidence of that. In it, he stars as himself and recreates his classic films in what may be the biggest case of metacinema I’ve ever heard of. The film screened at SXSW on Saturday, and one of the actor's super fans, named Robert Schnetz, put up posters asking the star to give him a call. With this, he claimed Cage’s biggest fan. You can check out the poster below:

Nicolas Cage poster from SXSW

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Okay, so I’m getting some serious The Amanda Show vibes from this poster and claim of being a “Number One Fan,” but that’s totally not a bad thing. In fact, I really dig this and, apparently, the actor himself loved the effort as well. 

He loved the posters so much that he actually did give Robert Schnetz a call, and the fan took a video of himself on the phone with his Hollywood idol and posted it to Twitter. You can check out the video below, in which you can hear Nic Cage sharing some kind words with the longtime aficionado:

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Honestly, my heart is so full after seeing this celebrity/fan interaction. The joy on the super fan’s face and in his voice is undeniable. It really goes to show that when celebrities make even a small amount of effort, like a phone call, it can really make someone's day.

In the comments of the post, fellow fans are also saying how amazing the interaction is. One commenter says he saw the posters at SXSW and knew they would result in a call from the Ghost Rider star, which just goes to show that the star is just as well known for his kindness as he is for his eccentricities. 

Robert Schnetz has apparently seen a ton of Nicolas Cage's films and says he is looking forward to his future work. He and other fans are in for a great few years from the star, as he has a number pretty epic roles coming up. In one of them, he'll be channeling his inner “goth” as Dracula

While he never really stopped making movies, Nicolas Cage seems to be getting (at least) a second wind in Hollywood, and he’s putting out things that a lot of people, not just his most devoted supporters, are pumped about. For instance, his 2021 drama Pig has gotten rave reviews, and you can check it out ahead of The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent’s April theatrical release by streaming it with a Hulu subscription. And to keep up with what he has coming, stick to our schedule of upcoming movies.

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