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Now That Star Wars Has Its Own Hotel, One Fan Has A Suggestion For A Themed Universal Studios Hotel And I’m Here For It

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After all of the hype and discussion surrounding the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser’s existence, the “one of a kind experience” is officially open to the public for its maiden voyage. An immersive resort experience, it’s only a matter of time before other parks start to look at what Walt Disney World has done, in hopes of replicating it for themselves. That’s especially true after one fan has suggested a themed Universal Studios hotel idea I’m totally here for. Dear readers, welcome to Jurassic World!

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The Suggestion Of A Jurassic World Themed Resort, And Why It Works

Twitter recently saw a discussion opening up this huge question to the floor: what should be the next “highly-immersive interactive resort experience?” The four options presented were natural ringers, as Avengers Stark Tower, Hogwarts castle from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the Flying Dutchman from Pirates of the Carribean, and Jurassic World were the field of contenders. As if suggesting the dinosaur franchise wasn’t a cool enough idea, a fan took that idea a step further and proposed the following:

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As Universal's Epic Universe isn’t set to open until 2025, and the need for further hotel accommodations is going to be a going concern, this couldn’t be a better idea. A Jurassic World recreation, or even an alternate Jurassic Park throwback to John Hammond’s original park concept, would be a prime idea for an immersive experience that sees park goers trying to survive a couple days in the park. Universal Orlando is already supposedly building an escape room themed to the Jurassic franchise, which makes it all feel like the waters could be tested for greater adventures 65 million years in the making. 

Imagine an escape room that’s the size of an entire theme park, with prehistoric creatures waiting to try and make you their lunch. Jurassic World is a natural fit for something similar to the impressive Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser experience, just based on that pitch alone. It also helps that Universal controls the Jurassic property, which would streamline the process to getting this experience into the works. However, if Universal Studios Orlando is actually contemplating an immersive resort, there’s an obvious Hippogriff in the room that we have to discuss.

The Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore cast

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Wait, What About A Wizarding World Themed Hotel?

The only property that would be a larger money printer than a Jurassic World themed resort is, naturally, a hotel based on The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. There’s some pros and cons to this no-brainer, with the massive pro being that this option also fits with Universal’s supposed expansion plans. Recent whispers of another Potter attraction replacing the now closed Fear Factor Live obviously keeps J.K. Rowling’s magical franchise as a firm favorite for any future Universal Studios endeavors. 

That being said, there are some catches, the major one being that a good portion of Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure already have Harry Potter attractions operating. The immersion in those worlds is not only present, it’s also a combination of the themed sections present in both parks, as well as rides and attractions within them. In a way, a Harry Potter themed hotel would be a bit of a step backwards. 

While we’re talking about Universal's Epic Universe, a Wizarding World attraction has been rumored to be a part of this developing third gate of excitement. However, suggestions have always pointed towards that theming leaning heavily on the Fantastic Beasts portion of the franchise. Seeing as the COVID-19 construction delays set the park’s opening date back almost two years, the concern over that piece of the brand being strong enough to carry a whole section in the park are already grave enough. To build an entire resort around that would be even riskier, and you can’t just build another Hogwarts Castle on Universal Orlando property.

Debating between Jurassic World and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter as an immersive hotel experience seems like an invitation for some heated discourse. However, one final component may be the deciding factor: the creative minds behind the brands. Jurassic has Steven Spielberg, who’s been so integral in Universal Studios’ development that he’s family, while The Wizarding World has J.K. Rowling. Knowing her exacting standards for all things Harry Potter, and how quickly it can zap any attraction deemed “too tiny,” one doesn’t have to guess who’d be the hypothetically easier party to work with.

Are dinosaurs really easier to work with than wizards? We may just find out soon enough. For now, theme park fans can enjoy Star Wars: Galactic Spacecruiser at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. As for Wizarding World and Jurassic World fans, they’ll have to settle for the upcoming movies that will further branch out those thematic legacies, as well as experience the attractions currently on offer at Universal Studios Orlando. 

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