Rebecca Ferguson Talks Dune Scenes That Were Cut She Wishes Had Made The Movie

Rebecca Ferguson in Dune.
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Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi epic Dune made its mark at the box office while being available to stream on HBO Max. The visually stunning film has now left the streaming service and fans have strong feelings about it. Dune was packed with outstanding performances and moments that left audiences wanting more. With a movie of its size, there will always be scenes and moments that have to be cut out despite being good. Rebecca Ferguson has recently talked about the scenes that were cut from the film that she wishes had made the final movie. 

Rebecca Ferguson recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter, where she opened up about the pic blockbuster. She spoke about her role in Dune, her co-star Timothée Chalamet, and details on how she prepared for the role and what went into such a challenging project. The actor also revealed a couple of scenes that she wished made the final cut of the film, that she loved and believed would enhance the relationship between her character Lady Jessica and Chalamet’s Paul. Here is what she said:

There were a couple of scenes that were all about the training technique. There was one scene that I was quite sad they cut away. There are physical training methods, where Jessica teaches Paul the art of fighting with the knives that he later uses on Jamis [the Freeman warrior played by Babs Olusanmokun]. Another one is a meditative state. They are meditating, and she wants him to put a hand over a candle.

Dune was surprisingly carried by Lady Jessica and Paul’s mother-son relationship, and it was one of the most compelling story devices of the film. Their connection and history are interesting, and the books’ die-hard fans must have been something even more special. Ferguson was sad to see a training scene get cut where she is training with knives with her son and another where there is a meditative mental training that sounds incredible. The actor goes on to explain the scene that ended up being kept in the film, saying:

The one that we kept was the breakfast scene. It’s one of my favorite ones. It sets up an interesting arc for the story going forth. There’s something outside of us that is bigger than us, and the fact that he’s just a rebellious, annoying teenager and I’m allowed to just be an annoyed mom. His slouchiness … He really grabbed that spoon in a way that I just wanted to slap his head and go, ‘Manners! Sit up straight!’

One of Ferguson’s favorite scenes was the breakfast scene, where her character tries to make Paul use "The Voice" in a real parent disciplining and teaching their child way. The scene sets the path for their characters and is a jumping-off point for their development later in the film, developing Paul’s coming of age as a man. Dune director Denis Villeneuve revealed the scene that hurt to have to cut out of the movie, so it seems everyone involved has one moment they wished could have made it into the final film. 

Dune 2 is officially on the way, so fans can prepare for more Timothée Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson. The sequel will be ‘amazing’ according to Villeneuve, and we can expect an even bigger and epic sci-fi story, with great performances, with breathtaking visuals from a master filmmaker. 

We are now waiting for more news on Mission: Impossible 7, which recently wrapped up filming with Ferguson posting a sweet photo of herself and Tom Cruise. I can’t wait to see Ferguson in MI7 and the next Dune film, but here are ten great movies from Lady Jessica to watch in the meantime. 

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