Someone Wreaked Some Bayhem On Michael Bay’s Yearly Gift From Tom Cruise

Michael Bay speaking at a wedding in Bad Boys For Life.
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‘Tis the season to get together with friends and family, to exchange gifts, and to eat a lot of food that’s probably not very good for you. Friends of Tom Cruise have a very special way to do that last thing, as the actor famously sends out a special, and apparently quite delicious cake, to people he has previously worked with. Unfortunately one person who will apparently not be able to enjoy their Cruise cake is director Michael Bay, because FedEx seems to have treated it like it was at the center of an explosion in a Michael Bay action movie.

Michael Bay posted a pair of videos to Instagram when he received his special cake from Tom Cruise. The first was a big reveal of what it was. Bay is clearly incredibly excited to have received the cake, which Cruise reportedly sends to a lot of people every holiday. Unfortunately, in the second posted video, the Armageddon director reveals that Armageddon has come for his cake.  

It’s unclear what happened here. Michael Bay seems to think the cake melted. It honestly looks like somebody decided to eat it, though if they did that they did a perfect job repackaging it to make it look brand new. Clearly this cake has been through some stuff. It’s sad because the cake is apparently delicious and Michael Bay was so obviously excited to receive it.

The Tom Cruise holiday cake is sort of a big deal. Cruise has been sending out the cake for at least 20 years according to what Michael Bay says here. People that he works with on movies end up getting it, though Cruise and Michael Bay have never made a movie together so making a Tom Cruise movie is apparently not a requirement. It’s unknown how many people get this special cake but it has to be in the hundreds if not the thousands at this point.

While getting a cake from Tom Cruise is probably pretty special on its own, the cake is also according to those that have eaten it, especially good. Glen Powell, who has received the cake for a couple years since filming Top Gun: Maverick with Cruise, apparently throws a party every year where the cake is the guests of honor, so that all of his friends can try a bite. 

Perhaps Bay can get through to Cruise and let him know what happened and a replacement cake can be ordered. This probably isn’t the first time that a cake has been mangled in transit, and while I’m sure producing and shipping these cakes to so many is already a production, I hope they make a few extras just in case something like this happens. 

Dirk Libbey
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