Stephen King Praises Edgar Wright's Last Night In Soho With Rare Honor From The Author

Thomasin Mckenzie in Last Night In Soho
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In the world of pop culture, Stephen King is not just a prolific content creator, but also an extreme consumer. He regularly takes to his personal Twitter account to share his thoughts about films, television shows, and books he has imbibed, and back in January he even made a New Year’s Resolution that saw him commit to watching a movie he hadn’t seen from every year between 1961 and the present. He loves experiencing new media so much that he evidently rarely decides to revisit things he’s seen – but he is all set to make an exception this upcoming weekend because of his love for Edgar Wright’s Last Night In Soho.

This was the sentiment that Stephen King shared this afternoon on social media – the upcoming horror film getting set to hit theaters this Friday. According to the author’s Tweet, he had the opportunity to see the movie early at an advanced screening, but he was so impressed by what he saw that he is already amped for a second go-round with the feature. He wrote,

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It’s funny that Stephen King actually has his very own 1960s time travel story – specifically the 2011 novel 11.22.63 – but Last Night In Soho is definitely a wholly different piece of material than that book, and calling and the author calling the film “special” reads as extremely high praise.

As you would expect, Edgar Wright was deeply appreciative of Stephen King’s mini-review and Retweeted it with a message back:

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The sixth film from Edgar Wright, who co-wrote the screenplay with 1917’s Krysty Wilson-Cairns, Last Night In Soho centers on Eloise (Thomasin McKenzie), a shy young woman from northern England who moves to London at the start of the story to go to fashion school and pursue her dream of becoming a designer. She ends up living outside of student housing following a conflict with her roommate, and all seems fine as she finds a cozy room to rent nearby – but everything begins to go a bit haywire as she begins having intense dreams about a gorgeous young woman named Sandie (Anya Taylor-Joy) who arrives in Soho in the 1960s with aspirations of becoming a singer.

The movie sports a surprise ending that absolutely must not be spoiled prior to release, and is most definitely built to be watched multiple times – so hopefully Stephen King will follow-up this weekend with his takeaways from Last Night In Soho after his second viewing.

With any luck, the future will also only further see the respective orbits of Stephen King and Edgar Wright grow closer together. It was announced back in February of this year that the writer/director is currently developing a new adaptation of The Running Man, and it’s been said that his plan is to make a movie that hones much closer to the original book (the 1987 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger uses the same basic premise, but otherwise abandons the source material). Following new remakes of Firestarter and Salem’s Lot going into production in the last few months, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the project will move quickly through development and get made soon.

In the meantime, Last Night In Soho will arrive in theaters this Friday, October 29 (a perfect treat for Halloween), and not only should you follow Stephen King’s example by seeing it multiple times, but you should also keep checking back here on CinemaBlend in the coming days for our interviews with the filmmakers and star Thomasin McKenzie.

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