Viral Johnny Depp TikTok Shows Him Jumping Into Character As Jack Sparrow, But Fans Are Distracted By One Detail

Actor Johnny Depp has been in the public eye for decades now, starting as a young actor in projects like A Nightmare on Elm Street and 21 Jump Street. Most recently he made headlines over his legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard, but he’s since returned to acting and directing projects. The role Depp is most synonymous with remains Pirates of the Caribbean’s Jack Sparrow, and a viral TikTok showed him jumping back into character. But fans are distracted by one detail.

While Disney is currently developing two different Pirates movies, Johnny Depp isn’t expected to appear in either one. But that doesn’t meant that Jack Sparrow doesn’t live within, as made evident by a recent TikTok where he’s speaking with an elderly fan. Check it out for yourself below, and watch as the Captain of the Black Pearl comes to life before your eyes,


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It looks like playing Jack Sparrow is like riding a bike for Johnny Depp. But given how many years and movies he spent playing the iconic Disney character, it makes a great deal of sene that he’d be able to recall him in this way. Especially since Depp was the mastermind behind Jack’s signature slurring way of speaking.

The above TikTok shows how Johnny Depp is ready and willing to play Jack Sparrow for fans in a moment’s notice. This is a sentiment he’s previously shared, especially since his official capacity in the role has seemingly come to an end. Although some folks online had some difficulty seeing him as Jack with a shaved face. As one fan commented:

It threw me off him with no facial hair😂 and of course hes an awesome, he's Captain Jack Sparrow.

Same, though. While Johnny Depp’s performance in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is consistent, part of what sells the character Jack Sparrow is his signature hair, beard, and costume. And as such, there’s some cognitive dissonance seeing the same voice come out of a freshly shaven Depp.

Indeed, you can see plenty of similar sentiments of disbelief in the comments section of this viral TikTok featuring Johnny Depp. A number of different people were shocked to see the 59 year-old actor jump into character, even while he’s dressed and groomed as a civilian. One such comment reads:

Tbh. I didn’t think it was him either. His mouth looks different. Sounds a bit under the weather. I’d say too much rum 🤔😍. I still fan of Johnny.

Another fan of Johnny Depp quickly responded, insisting that it was just good acting and not actual rum that made the actor so convincing in this TikTok. But given how easily he was able to play Jack Sparrow, smart money says even more fans will be signing the online petition to see him return to the franchise. Even if Disney hasn’t made any indication of reversing its decision.

Johnny Depp recently filmed his first post-trial movie and also has picked up a directing gig. As we wait for those projects, make sure to check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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