Why Last Night In Soho’s Star Dropped Out Of Top Gun: Maverick With Tom Cruise

Thomasin McKenize being interviewed by Harper's Bazaar UK
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Fans have been waiting patiently for Top Gun: Maverick for almost two years. Fortunately, they are only months away from seeing the sequel in theaters. Of course, the cast is stacked with veterans Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer returning with newcomers Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Jay Ellis, Jon Hamm and Glenn Powell joining them. But there’s one star that won’t be part of the fanfare. Last Night in Soho’s Thomasin McKenzie had to step away from the film. Some moviegoers might be surprised that McKenzie step away from an anticipated blockbuster. But the actress explained why she chose to pass on starring with Cruise.

Before dropping out of Top Gun: Maverick, Thomasin McKenzie was set to play Jennifer Connelly’s daughter in the sequel. She was replaced by Lyliana Wray. But McKenzie wasn’t too broken up about leaving the anticipated sequel behind. For the actress, giving up one huge opportunity left her open to more roles. The Last Night in Soho star broke down to the Collider Ladies Night podcast how her team backed the decision.

I think I really listen to my team because they’ve been in the industry for a lot longer than I have and so they have a lot more experience than I do. Also, it just comes down to instincts. I was very lucky to have the option to do something else. I did Lost Girls instead. I was so honored to have been considered to be a part of Top Gun. That’s bloody amazing! It’s really, really cool. But I think Lost Girls was a story that I was really interested in telling that was a female director, basically, the entire cast was female so I really wanted to be a part of that.

It spoke to Thomasin McKenzie’s rising star power that she could leave a huge blockbuster without worrying about her next role. At least, she was grateful for the team behind Top Gun: Maverick considering her for the opportunity. Some actors in her position would’ve left a significant role and never spoke about it. She was able to take on Lost Girls and have an even better experience. Despite turning down the role, McKenzie’s career is flourishing as she takes on multiple projects.

In addition to receiving acclaim for her Last Night in Soho performance, Thomasin McKenzie made a splash in the M. Might Shyamalan thriller Old. Of course, McKenzie has multiple projects lined up, including The Power of the Dog. The actress has achieved immense success without taking part in the anticipated blockbuster.

While fans won’t get to be Thomasin McKenzie in the sequel, fans will love to see Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer and the cast soar in Top Gun: Maverick. The Top Gun sequel will finally arrive in theaters on May 27, 2022.

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