Say adios to 2005. A new year is here and the biggest Cinema Blend event of the 2006 is fast approaching. We like to call it Oscar Chat 5, but you're welcome to call it Academy Awards Live Online Discussion With Kung Fu Action if you prefer. Personally, I think that's a little long.

But, if it keeps growing the way it has in past years we may have to enlist a few ninjas to manage it. Aside from Rafe's podcast, it's probably the best thing we do here at CB. It's a shame it only comes once a year.

So what the heck is it? Simple. Cinema Blend readers and staff gather around in the Cinema Blend chatroom and watch the Oscars together. While doing so, we chat about what's going on, what we're eating, and then vie for a place in the Cinema Blend hot tub. Ok, there's not really a hot tub.

When is it happening? Sunday March 5, 2006 7:30 pm EST till whenever the Oscar broadcast finally ends. The 78th Annual Academy Awards ceremony starts at 8, but we start a half hour earlier so we can make fun of Joan Rivers.

How do I get to Oscar Chat? Turn on your computer at the right time and click right on in to the CB Chatroom by clicking the big CHAT button on our menu to your left or by clicking here. Feel free too bookmark it for maximum effect.

Still have questions about how to access our chatroom? Try our Beginners Guide to Oscar Chat.

Ok, you're set. See you there March 5th at 7:30pm Eastern Standard Time or whatever that translated into for your particular time zone for Oscar Chat 5. Plan now to watch the 78th Annual Academy Awards with us, and tell your friends.

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