While it’s typically actors and directors who get to enjoy the greatest amount of praise through any year in cinema, certainly one of the greatest aspects of the award season is the opportunity to take a deep look at the below-the-line work that’s done to make the great films as great as they are. In this spectrum, editors play an incredibly vital role, as many filmmakers would tell you that it’s in the cutting room that a movie is truly uncovered for what it is. A result of this is that the distinction of being considered the Best-Edited Movie Of All Time is quite an impressive one – which makes this recently discovered Top 75 ranking list all the more interesting.

Though it actually originates from 2012, HItFix has recently uncovered The Motion Picture Editors Guild's list of the 75 Best-Edited Films Of All Time, and, as you might imagine, it’s a rather impressive list. But which classics made the cut and which ones didn’t? You’ll have to read on to find out!

The French Connection
10. The French Connection
It’s pretty damn difficult to have a conversation about William Friedkin’s The French Connection without a discussion of its epic, incredible chase sequences, and while there are certainly many people responsible for the thrills – from the actors, to the cinematographers to the stunt drivers – but it was Gerald B. Greenberg (who you’ll see again on this list) who took all that work and stitched it together to make some of the most electrifying sequences ever to be put up on the silver screen. There are surprisingly few action movies that wound up making this Top 10 list, but The French Connection certainly belongs ranked among the greats.

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