It's easy to be negative when talking about the Oscars, since any awards ceremony that long and self-indulgent is bound to find a way to make you angry. But as we shake off our Oscar party hangovers and the terrible realization of just how off our predictions were, is more bitterness really what we need?

OK, maybe you do, and if you're in that camp, Sean has plenty of negativity for you over at the 5 Worst Moments From The 2013 Academy Awards. But even as we can't quite believe that Seth MacFarlane sang "We Saw Your Boobs" or that Argo won Best Adapted Screenplay instead of Lincoln, there were plenty of moments at last night's Oscars worth cheering, and we've picked ten of the best below. Let us know if you agree or have some other moments in mind in the comments on the last page.

#1: Daniel Day-Lewis's acceptance speech.
It is a truth universally acknowledged that Daniel Day-Lewis is just not like the rest of us, and most likely is a gentle and soft-spoken shapeshifter descended from a more intelligent planet, put here on Earth to make us better people. It's difficult as hell to win three Best Actor statues-- in fact, no one else had ever done it before-- but even harder to accept your third with a perfect balance of emotion and humor. It helps to have Meryl Streep to bounce off of, but we're giving DDL all the credit for this one-- and waiting patiently for the next time he emerges from his meditation cocoon to give us another performance to shower with awards.

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