Shirley Bassey. The cast of Les Miserables powerfully harmonizing on One Day More. Barbra Streisand. As it turns out, the highlights of Sunday’s Academy Awards telecast were largely musical … and barely overcame the mechanical teddy bear Ted asking where the sex party was going to be after the Oscars. Ugh.

Seth MacFarlane was the wrong choice to host the Academy Awards, barraging those in attendance (and the billions watching at home) with tasteless punchlines that made us want to take a shower after the ceremony. Pomp and circumstance were replaced with pedophilia and crap jokes, torpedoing a telecast that was off the mark from minute one and never found its feet.

Out of the roughly 35 disastrous moments from last night’s abysmal Oscars telecast, here are the five most jaw-dropping, head-scratchingly awful moments we should have been spared.

#1: “We saw your boobs.”
The lowest point for a telecast that, at its finest moment, was mediocre. I totally get MacFarlane pitching this idea. It’s crass, sexist, disgusting … if it popped up on Family Guy in animated form, that show’s audience might laugh. But how the hell did the grotesque and woefully unfunny musical number actually get greenlit for air by co-producers Neil Meron and Craig Zadan? How could they not instantly realize the concept is wrong for the Oscars – unless you’re OK with the Oscars devolving to the level of the AVN Awards. Will the voice of Mr. Skin host the Academy Awards next year? Naomi Watts and Jennifer Lawrence get partial credit for agreeing to play along with the joke by providing pre-recorded reaction shots to MacFarlane’s horrendous number – which, according to a lengthy William Shatner skit that refused to end, led to the host scoring bad reviews. If only the rest of MacFarlane’s shtick were pre-recorded … and then left on the cutting-room floor.

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