Vince Vaughn’s career is a lot more eclectic than you might instantly assume. Having earned most of his dough appearing and exceling in comedies as the affable everyman, you sometimes forget that he’s delivered some impressive dramatic turns in his time, as well.

Vaughn may always be remembered by moviegoers as a comedic actor. But that doesn’t mean his other forays into cinema should be forgotten. So to pay due respect to Vince Vaughn’s dramatic performances, as well as to honor his natural ability to be insanely funny, here are the 10 best performances of Vince Vaughn’s career. Unfortunately his turn as Norman Bates didn’t quite make it.

10. Into The Wild 
Vince Vaughn’s appearance in Into The Wild hinted at the career that he could have had. Staring down the barrel of Emile Hirsch’s titanic portrayal of Christopher McCandless, Vaughn plays the weary but still driven Wayne Westerberg.

And despite the fact that Hirsch gives the performance of his young career, Vaughn is able to go toe to toe with him. He allows Hirsch the room to strut his stuff, and takes his opportunity to deliver sage advice in a profound yet still grounded fashion. In fact, in just a few minutes of screen time, Vaughn gives us a full understanding and idea of who Westerberg is and where he went wrong with his life.

It’s only brief, but Vaughn’s turn in Into The Wild is memorable, and makes you wonder what could have been if he’d been given a script and a character as good as Hirsch’s at his age.

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