Comedy sequels share a lot in common with both video game movies and modern horror films centered around possession – and by that I mean that most of them are pretty much terrible. There are countless examples of studios trying to re-capture lightning in a bottle by recreating the same exact story a second time, are more often than not these titles wind up being perfectly forgettable. That being said, there are actually a good number of comedy sequels out there that are actually as good as their predecessors – and some that are even better.

With Ride Along 2 set to come out this weekend, we’ve taken a peek back and picked out 10 funny Part Twos that actually have something to offer an audience that the original didn’t possess. Did you favorite make the list? Read on and find out!

22 Jump Street
22 Jump Street
Phil Lord and Chris Miller have a tendency to take on projects that look terrible on paper, but wind up really succeeding on the big screen. 22 Jump Street is one such title. Nobody expected 21 Jump Street to be nearly as good as it was, and there was plenty of concern the follow-up would be a letdown, but it most definitely was not. Openly mocking conventions of comedy sequels – such as doing the exact same thing over again to appease the studio – is the fuel that drives the movie, and it winds up being a fantastic satire riddled with amazing lead and supporting performances.

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